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Posted by Mig (Member # 9284) on :
I've already cut my lawn so that I can sit back and watch some games this Saturday. Everyone is undefeated today, but that won't last for long. Some good (not great) games are on tap for this weekend. This weekend Tenn. will spank Cal again, but I see Gergia Tech beating Notre Dame for some pay-back. The rest of the games? Only BC v. Wake stands out. And, of course, Noles vs. Clemson on Monday night. Typical starting week, but who cares. The season's here!

How do you think your team will fair this year?

Will my Florida State Seminoles rebound under the new coaches?

Were Rutgers and Boise State's seasons last year the start of a trend or are they aready washed-up?

Is it too early for a BCS Championship game pick? Of course not. My pick: WVU vs. USC.
Posted by Risuena (Member # 2924) on :
Originally posted by Mig:
How do you think your team will fair this year?

I’m torn about this season for Virginia Tech. It could be either really good or really bad. It all depends on how well they’ll handle the emotion and media attention that’ll surround the team due to last April. If they can handle it, there’s no reason they can’t contend for the NC if everything goes right (which means beating LSU at LSU and Florida State and Miami in back to back weeks as well as other potential pitfalls). But I’m not going to hold my breath for that. Yet. I’m going to hope for the ACC championship and go from there.

Will my Florida State Seminoles rebound under the new coaches?
Please. No. FSU’s our kryptonite, so we need all the help we can get to beat them.

Were Rutgers and Boise State's seasons last year the start of a trend or are they aready washed-up?
Hasn’t Boise State been decent for a couple of years, just flying under the radar because it’s a mid-major? I wouldn’t be surprised if they have another good year, even if it doesn’t wind up being as good as last year. As for Rutgers, I’m happy that they had a good year and I hope they continue to do well, but I think last year was an anomaly for them.

Is it too early for a BCS Championship game pick? Of course not. My pick: WVU vs. USC.
I have no idea other than to say that I think LSU has a good chance of making it to the BCS and I really, really, really hope WVU doesn’t make it there.

And now I just need to find a good place to watch the games…
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner.
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner.
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner.
Boomer Sooner, OKU.

I'm Sooner born and Sooner bred,
And when I die, I'll be Sooner dead.
Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahomaaaaah, OKU!

I can't wait.
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
APPALACHIAN STATE!!! Wow. Just... wow. I wish someone had been showing that game, instead of just that awesome last blocked field goal.

[Big Grin]
Posted by Miro (Member # 1178) on :
As someone from a family of Wolverines...Ouch!

As someone who doesn't care much about football... [ROFL]
Posted by Adam_S (Member # 9695) on :
hell of an upset, the Mizzou Illinois game was a nailbiter from the third play to the final six seconds. Tremendously exciting to watch.

USC is my team though, and I've a feeling they'll do okay this year, at least 10 regular season wins, though I'm naturally hoping to go undefeated again. Working against us is the difficulty of the PAC 10, which I think is pretty much tied with the SEC for being the most stacked and competitive conference. Also USC has five-six year winning streaks against most of the PAC 10 teams, which makes the game against USC as important as a conference championship game for our opponents, as they're under a lot of pressure to end the streak and put a beat down on national favorite. Also, a win against us will get national attention for the coach and playmakers in that game, so there's a lot riding on every single game for SC--which I think was in evidence last year, when all but two of USCs conference wins were won by very thin margins. Supposedly this meant SC was a 'weaker than expected' team (just ask Michigan, Nebraska and Arkansas about that), but to me it meant that our opponents were under rated and had a tremendous passionate hunger to beat USC in particular, and that sort of intangible can't be predicted.
Posted by Mig (Member # 9284) on :
After taking a look at Michigan's schedule, if Appalachian state is not a fluke, it is going to be a very long season for them.

I didn't think that Notre Dame was going to beat Georgia Tech, but ND didn't even show up for this one. They may not win another game until November. Tech is good, but I can't believe they are that good.
Posted by Zalmoxis (Member # 2327) on :
Yeah, those Cal Bears sure got spanked. ;-P

Go Bears!

(But you called the Tech/ND game so props for that).

Nice win for the Bears, but with the Pac 10 being the way it is, I still project a 2-3 loss season for Cal. And another Holiday Bowl. *sigh*

So break down WVU for me -- will their BCS ranking really be high enough if they run the table?
Posted by Belle (Member # 2314) on :
How do you think your team will fair this year?

Alabama is rebuilding with new coach Nick Saban. I predict he will win two or three more games than we did last year and we'll settle for a pretty mediocre bowl game. But watch out for us in 3-4 years. His recruiting class has been awesome, and once there is time for him to establish his system, I think Bama will be back to championship form.

Will my Florida State Seminoles rebound under the new coaches?

They'll be better but they won't be great. I have a lot of love for Bobby, truly I do, but it may be time for him to hang it up. Jimbo Fisher is an unbelievable coach, but like Saban at Bama, it's going to take a little time before you see the results of his hire. Things will be better than last year, but you won't be competing for a National Title, for a few years, like us.

Were Rutgers and Boise State's seasons last year the start of a trend or are they aready washed-up?

Rutgers=trend, Boise State=real deal. That's a good program and they'll be a force to reckon with for some time.

Is it too early for a BCS Championship game pick? Of course not. My pick: WVU vs. USC.

Mine is LSU vs. USC. I don't see USC losing, and I don't think there is anyone in the SEC strong enough to challenge LSU. Auburn might have, but their opening was unimpressive. Kansas State nearly beat them, and K state didn't even play well - they had lots of penalties and tunovers. Auburn couldn't establish a running game, and K State's defensive line is nothing compared to the D-lines they'll face in the SEC. So, I see LSU going to the championship game undefeated, and because of where they're ranked now, they'll be number two and face off against USC.
Posted by otterk10 (Member # 10463) on :
As a diehard Michigan fan, I see two possibilities for the rest of their season.

1. ASU was a fluke. Michigan comes out with a vengeance the rest of the year and dominates the Big Ten on their way to the Rose Bowl.

2. ASU was not a fluke. Michigan's defense really does stink, and they finish the year 7-5 (or worse if Hart gets injured) to go to a bottom tier bowl.

Personally, I'm still sticking with my preseason prediction. 10-2 BCS at large with one loss in September and a loss at Wisconsin.
Posted by Dragon (Member # 3670) on :
My sister is a freshman at Miami this year and is totally pumped for college football. As someone from a school that has a losing streak several miles long however, I'm not sure I share her enthusiasm. I'm pretty sure my team loses to local high schools. (Or we would, if we played them, which I'm not sure we do, as I don't follow their season.)
Posted by Avadaru (Member # 3026) on :
I think my team (LSU) will do just fine. [Wink]

I just can't wait for the first time 'Bama plays LSU at Death Valley.....I expect the boos for Saban will be heard quite easily all around campus.

And I think our game against MSU showed all the skeptics that just because we lost some of our finest players in the draft doesn't mean that we are no longer an outstanding team with an outstanding coach. Geaux Tigers!
Posted by Tinros (Member # 8328) on :
I don't think my Buckeyes will pull a championship, but I think they'll have a relatively good season, all things considered. Tressel has this year to get his kids experienced and then dominate next year.
Posted by Paul Goldner (Member # 1910) on :
Wisconsin will be a surprise undefeated team [Wink]
Posted by breyerchic04 (Member # 6423) on :
The team I care about most is I think Div 3, and won one game last year, so maybe I should think about liking someone else. Oh well I like their quarterback. Manchester IN.
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
Originally posted by Paul Goldner:
Wisconsin will be a surprise undefeated team [Wink]

Only if we get past Penn State unscathed. And that's a pretty darn big "if."
Posted by FlyingCow (Member # 2150) on :
My team (Rutgers) will do well this year, though there are plenty of hurdles in the way.

We have to replace two four-year starters at linebacker, and a senior captain defensive tackle - so I don't think the defense will be quite as good as last year (at least not at the start of the season).

However, our offense will be a lot better, which should compensate. This year will be Mike Teel's coming out party, and the Underwood/Britt/Brown receiving corps will be talked about often - keeping defenses more honest and opening more holes for Heisman hopeful Ray Rice.

We have quite a few roadblocks on the way to a repeat of last season, though. The Big East is a lot stronger than a lot of people realize. We have WVU and USF at home, but both will be challenges, and close out the season at Louisville. I expect all three of those to be in the Top 25 by the end of the season - especially if USF can knock off Auburn next week.

Other threats that concern me are Cincinnati (a better team than many would believe), who beat us last year and are much improved this year, and Navy, whose triple-option could take advantage of an inexperienced defensive unit if we're not careful.

I think a 10-3 season is definitely reasonable, and anything less than 9-4 would be a huge step back (especially with a very favorable schedule). 11-2 is certainly possible again, and an undefeated season is not entirely out of the question.

I'm looking forward to the season (and selling new T-Shirts this year for any Rutgers fans out there in Hatrack-land [/shameless plug]).

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