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Posted by Slim (Member # 2334) on :
So, Philotic Web has been down for a day or two ... I haven't been here on Hatrack forever, but hopefully someone from there will come here and explain what's going on ...?

... It's too soon for another P-web crash! [Cry]
Posted by Eaquae Legit (Member # 3063) on :
Oh good, so it's not just me.
Posted by jebus202 (Member # 2524) on :
Originally posted by Eaquae Legit:
Oh good, so it's not just me.

It fills me with confidence for PWeb's third incarnation when a mod comes on and says that.
Posted by divaesefani (Member # 3763) on :
Yeah, I've been wondering what's going on, too. It's still not working this morning. [Frown]
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
On the bright side, when Pweb is down my productivity goes up somewhat. [Smile]
Posted by jebus202 (Member # 2524) on :
Ya, means I'm gonna have to annoy Hatrackers, though. Blayne's providing some amusement for me, but once that dries up I'll only be left with "list ur fave tv shows" and "im getting a new dog" type threads...
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
Charlie will be back!

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