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Posted by Uprooted (Member # 8353) on :
I laundered my flash drive.

And it still works!

No kidding, a few weeks ago I heard a clankety-clank in the dryer and when I went to see what it was, it was one of the 40-gig flash drives I'd recently purchased. Dang, I'd been wondering what I'd done with that. (note to self: no more sticking flash drives in pants pockets)

I almost threw it out, assuming that an electronic device that had just experienced a cycle in the washing machine and dryer was not going to work. I also had this hunch that any retailer/manufacturer would say that I'd voided the warranty! ;-)

But tonight I was cleaning up for Christmas guests and came across it, and despite some misgivings about what the defective drive might do to my computer, went ahead and plugged it into the USB. Lo and behold, nothing unusual happened, the files are all still on there and appear to be intact, and I was even able to save a new file onto it.

Who'da thunk?
Posted by Shan (Member # 4550) on :
Hmmm. Are you sure you didn't plug in an unwashed flash drive by mistake?
Posted by Launchywiggin (Member # 9116) on :
That's amazing. They make 40-gig flash drives?!
Posted by Uprooted (Member # 8353) on :
Sorry, big typo -- 4 GB, not 40!
Posted by Uprooted (Member # 8353) on :
I know it's the same one because I'd marked the other one w/ a piece of tape to be able to tell them apart.

It doesn't even have a cap/lid on it. It has one of those retractable USB thingies, so I figured that the water would have totally wrecked the insides.

I can't remember if I got to it before it had been in the dryer long; I may have heard it clanking before it got really hot in there.
Posted by Miro (Member # 1178) on :
Mine went through a complete washer/dryer cycle a few months ago and still works without a hitch. I was sure I had destroyed it.
Posted by cassv746 (Member # 11173) on :
I did that to one of mine. It worked fine for about a week then decided to die. [Frown]
Posted by scholar (Member # 9232) on :
Mine was fine the first time I did it, but the second time..
Posted by dantesparadigm (Member # 8756) on :
I've had pen drives survive wash cycles multiple times. I think they have a tiny wizard inside.
Posted by Little_Doctor (Member # 6635) on :
I've done that to my 1 GB flash drive so many times. It surprises me more every time it happens. I don't know how much more abuse the thing can take.
Posted by Uprooted (Member # 8353) on :
Sooo . . . I guess what you're all trying to tell me is that I'm not a participant in a unique, special, miraculous event? [Wink]
Posted by adfectio (Member # 11070) on :
Originally posted by Uprooted:
Sooo . . . I guess what you're all trying to tell me is that I'm not a participant in a unique, special, miraculous event? [Wink]

Sorry, but no. I think they're built to withstand a certain amount of abuse. How much depends on the brand and the particular model. I had a Verbatim flash drive that got plugged into a USB port and didn't like, and it said 'see ya' and died.

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