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Posted by Earendil18 (Member # 3180) on :
How do you spell that anyway?

Ok's the situation...There's this HUGE art convention that I'm going to on Jan 4,5,6. It's being held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on Pier 66.

Does anybody have a couch that's empty? [Big Grin] I thought I'd check here before going onto

I'm quiet, non-alcoholic, non-smoking, pet-loving artistic type. I do brood, but nothing happens. [Smile]
Edit: Ok...maybe my friend too...but we're compact! We fit in small spaces! [Razz]

EDIT: Scroll down!

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Posted by erosomniac (Member # 6834) on :
If you're not a murderer, rapist, thief or other criminal, you can crash my couch. If you're any of the above, you wouldn't tell me anyway though, right?
Posted by Earendil18 (Member # 3180) on :
It's the oldest trick in the murderer-rapist-thief handbook. [Big Grin]

Here's my sketchbook...I'll admit my first self-portrait looks rather CHILLING oooOooo. But I counter balance that with doe-eyes in my 2nd portrait. [Big Grin]

Time to send you an email.
Posted by ricree101 (Member # 7749) on :
There were some really great drawings in there, especially towards the end. I especially liked that forest one you did.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Originally posted by ricree101:
There were some really great drawings in there, especially towards the end.

Posted by Earendil18 (Member # 3180) on :
That's why this workshop is so important, because over 50 of the world's best artists will be in the same building together.

I'll be able to sit behind them and PESTER really, but in a word:


Glad you guys like.
Posted by Earendil18 (Member # 3180) on :
Ok, things have finally calmed down enough I can post the photos from the event.

You guys probably don't know any of the people, but for starters the guy who animated that Legolas shot (where he jumps on the horse going by) as well as Shelob wrapping Frodo, and the fell beast picking up the guards and dropping them down onto the houses below....

He was there. Got to pick his BRAINN!

Dan Milligan is a storyboard artist, known particularly for his extensive "300" storyboarding. He's very funny.

Brom does lots of film concepts (Tim Burton), illustrations (Magic: The Gathering) and tons of book covers.

The Guild Wars concept artist was there, and several people from Project Offset, Bungie Studios, and other places. Aleksi Birclot was, I believe, the art director for the Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Haze games.

Android Jones was the one who directed the look and feel of the newer Metroid Prime games. Also a great guy.

Unfortunately I was so "guahhhh" I didn't take many pictures, but here you go!

Also, I want to thank erosomniac and his girlfriend for a very comfortable and "beyond the call" stay at their abode. Thanks guys!

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