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Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
Вы все всё равно скоро сдохнете
I wish to translate this to Roman lettering so I can learn to pronounce it, and if possible change it from 'you' to 'they', for role playing pruposes, the phrase originated from Call of Duty 4, and I wish to apply it to something relating to soemthing else.

Can anyone help a poor Russophile [Frown]
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
So far I have

'vy vsje vsjo ravno skoro sdoxnjetje'

edit 'vy vsje vsjo ravno skoro sdoxnete' after checking the individual articles for some of the letters.
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
K, 'они все всё равно скоро сдохнете' will be 'They are all about to die anyways'
Posted by Dragon (Member # 3670) on :
"sdoxnjetje" might be clearer as "stohnete" (provided you pronounce it with a Russian accent)
Posted by Phanto (Member # 5897) on :
what on earth is transation?
Posted by 777 (Member # 9506) on :
Originally posted by Phanto:
what on earth is transation?

Put an "L" in there somewhere, and it'll all be clear. [Wink]
Posted by steven (Member # 8099) on :
I guess he figures the two "L"s in his name make it so that typing them is optional.
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
'oni vsje vsjo ravno skoro stohnete'
Posted by esl (Member # 3143) on :
Third person plural form would be

Они все всё равно скоро сдохнут.

'oni fsje fcyo ravno ckoro zdokhnut'

Using v's in the second and third words would be more understandable when reading but it's pronounced like f.
Posted by Tante Shvester (Member # 8202) on :
Cyrillic Transliteration Converter

Select "TRANSLIT" as your option, for the automatic converter.
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :

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