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Posted by lem (Member # 6914) on :
I want to convert my VHS to a hard drive. A long time ago I bought a Plextor external device and the audio was never synced with the video.

Can anyone recommend any cards to that can capture VHS tapes? It looks like you get a card for video and another card for that right?
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
It was a few years ago, but I got a single capture card that had Neo DVD with it. few of my videos made it to DVD, most are still on my hard drive. In theory, I don't think there's any differrence between a video file on a hard drive and one burned to DVD (besides being able to view it on a DVD player).
One N.B. is that you should not have multiple DVD programs on your computer at the same time, because they fight over the settings.
Posted by xtownaga (Member # 7187) on :
A few years back I picked up an external firewire device called (I think) the Dazzle DV Bridge. It was rated well at the time, I have no idea if they still sell them or if they're any good.

It basically has a set of RCA/S-video inputs, another set for outputs and a firewire port. You'd plug your VCR into it and then run DV capture software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc), which just sees it as a camera. It works well but wasn't terribly cheap as I recall.

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