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Posted by 777 (Member # 9506) on :
They're back! And meaner than ever!

So, some improvements:

1. The Ultralisk can burrow.
2. Creep is spreadable by more than just buildings.
3. The Zerg can infest any air unit, as well as Command Centers and Barracks.
4. The upgraded Defiler (the Corrupter, now) can move while burrowed.
5. The Queen is now the "superunit" of the Zerg, generating toxic creep and giving nearby units increased health regeneration.
6. The Guardian now creates Broodlings in addition to killing things en masse.
7. Zerg look sickly awesome in full 3D!
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
Death to the Zerg!

Long live the Protoss Empire!
Aiur will rise again!
Posted by mackillian (Member # 586) on :
For Aiur!
Posted by SoaPiNuReYe (Member # 9144) on :
*commences drooling*
Posted by Sterling (Member # 8096) on :
Just, please, for the love of all that's good and holy, no more freakin' Zerg-on-Zerg campaign battles on massive maps...
Posted by 777 (Member # 9506) on :
The Protoss are so oldschool, man... the Zerg are the future, the Zerg are now! I am Zerg, and so can you!

And this is Starcraft II, not Brood War. Why on earth would there be wars between broods in something other than Brood War? Of course, there was that little mission in episode 2, with the annoying orange Zerg...

Whatever. Regardless of who they fight against, the Zerg will assimilate ALL!
Posted by Telperion the Silver (Member # 6074) on :
Now with the two halves of our race united against the Zerg and their sympathizers there is no stopping the Protoss.

We have called all our remaining fleets from the distant reaches of the Galaxy for the reclaiming of Aiur!
Posted by calaban (Member # 2516) on :
That's the stuff.
Posted by Jhai (Member # 5633) on :
Zergling rush: charge!
Posted by sylvrdragon (Member # 3332) on :

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