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Posted by Boon (Member # 4646) on :
The Princess broke her pinkie this evening. Shorty kicked a ball and hit her just the wrong way, and broke her right pinkie finger just below where it meets the hand. It's now splinted up, we've been referred to an orthopedic surgeon (just for monitoring, since she's still a growing kid), and she got some killer pain med syrup. [Smile]

The ER was VERY efficient. We signed in at the admitting desk and were called back to triage before I could even get settled and get Moose latched on in the waiting room. We went directly from triage to an exam room. They brought the little x-ray machine to the room and took pictures while I waited in the hall with the boys. Then they brought Princess some Lortab syrup and splinted her up, discharged us, and sent us on our way.

Start to finish: 2 hours!
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
Wow, congrats. I'm glad the little ones are okay [Smile]

How's the rest of the family doing?
Posted by cassv746 (Member # 11173) on :
I'l glad they're ok too! And that the whole trip didn't take forever like it sometimes can!
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
Wow, that ALMOST breaks my record. I've found that when KPC tells the receptionists, "My wife is pregnant and not breathing," I get treated very, very quickly, and get constant supervision until I'm out of there, usually no more than an hour later. But pregnant and asthmatic is different from broken bone, for sure. [Wink]

I hope she feels better soon!
Posted by Morbo (Member # 5309) on :
That is a quick visit, Boon.

I hope Princess heals up quickly.

My quickest ER visit was also for asthma, the only time I needed the hospital for asthma treatment (knock on wood.). I barely made it to the hospital on the subway, went up to the intake desk and could barely talk. Before I could even gasp out out my problem, the nurse said "Asthma? Go down to the asthma treatment room, 2nd door on the left." Where I was soon sucking down sweet albuterol. [Big Grin]

I told my brother, who's had asthma much longer and much worse than I. He said they stopped doing standard triage for asthma patients-- too many of us were keeling over in the waiting room, apparently. [Hail]
Posted by quidscribis (Member # 5124) on :
Gee, when I showed up in the ER for an asthma attack, I had to wait four hours until I finally saw a doctor. A guy with a one inch cut on his hand, not bleeding, got in before me. I couldn't speak to copmlain. I couldn't even walk over to the reception desk to wheeze in what's-her-name's face.
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
Glad she's doing ok Boon. What ER did you go to? We have two new hospitals here in Owasso and I found the ER here was much quicker than any of the Tulsa ER's.
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Of course the ER traffic was light, there's hardly a crescent moon up. [Wink]
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
You laugh but it seems to be true. I worked the overnight shift on weekends for three years when I came back from the Army. Overnight weekends were always busier than other times, but full moon weekends were much more busy.
Posted by quidscribis (Member # 5124) on :
Oh, I don't laugh at that, brojack. I used to work the graveyard shift at a couple of hotels. I know it's true. [Smile]
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
(note above: smiling, not laughing, and not dismissive)
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
I didn't take it as dismissive. I often wondered why the fool moon brings out the crazies.

I guess I came across wrong. Apologies.
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
No worries! [Smile] I know too many people who work in EDs to discount it, though I cannot explain it. I think the phenomenon has indeed been scientifically studied for correlation, though I cannot offhand recall the results.



No effect of lunar cycle on psychiatric admissions or emergency evaluations.
The full moon and admission to emergency rooms.
Trauma and the full moon: a waning theory.
Moon cycles and violent behaviours: myth or fact?

Maybe these occurrences are just more memorable ones? I wondered if the better lighting might just make for more people out and about, but it doesn't seem to be substantiated overall.


Edited again to add: But really, everyone I know who works EDs attests to this. I don't know what to make of it myself. Who knows?

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