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Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Going for a conference in downtown Denver for the first four days of June or so. A few questions for those that may be in the know, since I've never been to Denver.

1) Any sights to see (particularly useful are those that will still be interesting after a normal workday or so)?
2) Affordable places to do stuff (non-smoky pool halls, arcades, etc.)?
3) Any areas to particularly avoid if I do not want to get shot when jogging at night?

4) Any chance at getting inside Cheyenne Mountain? [Wink]
Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Posted by Carrie (Member # 394) on :
Didn't they close down Cheyenne Mountain? [Wink]
Posted by baduffer (Member # 10469) on :
It has been a long time since I lived or have been back to Denver. My memory is the Art Museum and the Museum of Nature and Science were good. If you have transportation check out Red Rocks and go up to Lookout mountain. The views are great from there and Buffalo Bill's grave is there. There is baseball close to downtown at Coors Field.

Cherry Creek use to be a good place to run and bike.

Enjoy your trip.
Posted by Artemisia Tridentata (Member # 8746) on :
When I read BannaOj's excelent landmark, I thought of Denver. This might be the place to share that. The Museum of Nature and Science is still a great visit. I was taken there as a young boy. My most vivid memory was of the butterfly collection. I was impressed with a butterfly that had a six foot wing span. Over the years I have shaired that memory with a number of "doubters". A couple of years ago, My family was vacationing in Denver and I took my children. I was really looking forward to confirming my veracity. The butterfly collection was magnificant. However the biggest exibit was a large moth, with enormous wings. But, nothing close to 6 feet. I was a little embarassed, until as we were walking into the next room, A young boy walking in front of us, said to his Father, "Dad, did you see that big butterfly? "It's wings were this big!" He held his arms out in a full spread eagle. Then I remembered, he was just the same age I had been on my first visit. The remembered butterfly had just grown up as I had. Oh, you might want to check the Rockies Baseball schedule. The mile-high stadum is new, clean, and fun. If you are into history, (or Broadway music) the Molly Brown house is also fun. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo uses the name now. It's closer to Colorado Springs. But, I'm sure you can get in.
Posted by vonk (Member # 9027) on :
Don't have to worry about smokey pool halls. They passed a smoking ban. [Grumble]

There's lots of hot springs around, which are very very nice. Don't remember the name of the one I went too, but I loved it. Might be 30 minutes or so outside of Denver. I think it might have been Indian Springs. is probably the best resource for outdoorsy stuff.

I went to a cool rockabilly club last time I visited. Great live bands, dancing and a small pool hall upstairs. I think it was called Skylark (edit: on Broadway next to Alameda) or something. My sister (who lives there) just recommended a place called Gabor's. I haven't been there though.

Also, there are lots of local brewpubs and breweries. Too many to mention by name. (edit: scratch that. Flying Dog is great. And it's got label art by Ralph Steadman which is super cool.)

And of course there's Red Rocks. (edit: which has already been mentioned)

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Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Mmmm, like the non-smoky aspect. Good for me, not so good for you though I guess.

I'll be sure to check out the Rockabily club named Skylark, sounds like a good tip. I'll also try to get to the Museum of Science and Nature since that seems to be a common pick, although my ability to get away during work hours may be limited.

Thanks for the tips guys [Smile]
Posted by Fishtail (Member # 3900) on :
If it's not too late, you should check out the Tattered Cover bookstore just outside the 16th Street Mall in Downtown. It's awesome.
Posted by Avadaru (Member # 3026) on :
Invesco Field! Go Broncos!

I'll be in a cabin the mountains outside of Denver for 2 weeks this August. Can't wait. [Smile]

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