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Posted by Darth_Mauve (Member # 4709) on :
Four Cubans died when Ike trounced Cuba. Havana was partially evacuated.

So far no one I know, seen, or read has mentioned what happens to the Gitmo prisoners during a Hurricane.

Has anyone seen any stories about them?
Posted by ElJay (Member # 6358) on :
That is a really good question.
Posted by dantesparadigm (Member # 8756) on :
I can't see there being an issue, Gitmo is a secure military facility, hurricanes don't pose much risk beyond wind damage and flooding and that wont mean a whole lot behind a foot of concrete. I'm sure they'll be much more dry and warm than when they're getting waterboarded.
Posted by Nighthawk (Member # 4176) on :
Four Cubans died when Ike trounced Cuba. Havana was partially evacuated.
I can't believe that only four died. The storm flattened the island by all accounts.

...hurricanes don't pose much risk beyond wind damage and flooding...
Forgive me for asking, but have you ever experienced a hurricane?
Posted by Tstorm (Member # 1871) on :
I remember when my college buddy (who joined the Air Force) was in Pensacola, at the naval air station, during Hurricane Ivan. He said they moved all the personnel to a sturdy building and waited it out. From what I gathered, they have plans in place and they know which buildings are reinforced well enough to withstand the winds.

I'm sure the military has some sufficiently reinforced buildings capable of withstanding a hurricane and situated so as to avoid flooding.
Posted by Amanecer (Member # 4068) on :
Related Article

There was no word on whether the military moved any of the 255 or so war-on-terror detainees from the base's sprawling Caribbean-front prison camp to shelters.

Posted by Zalmoxis (Member # 2327) on :
Looks like Darth_Mauve isn't the only one asking this question:
Posted by brojack17 (Member # 9189) on :
JSC has plenty of buildings that are "Hurricane Proof". Mission control being one of them. They are supposed to withstand winds over 150 mph. They can't evacuate the whole center since there is alwyas an ISS Mission going.

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