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Posted by T:man (Member # 11614) on :
All i rember is that the main protagonist had blue hair, it was a n64 game, and you some type of hookshot weapon. Also you had to fight big robots,inside a big robotic body. It was set in japan, you could go to mt.fuji, and the game was quite silly.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
[url='s_Great_Adventure]This one?[/url]

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Posted by Saephon (Member # 9623) on :
Yep, definitely Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

Funny you should ask about it, just a week ago I was playing a song on DDR that reminded me of the wonderful soundtrack to that game, so I went and found a copy. It's one of the best obscure N64 games I've ever played [Smile] Well, obscure where I live anyway. I long for the days of good platformers.
Posted by Lanfear (Member # 7776) on :
Thats the one that you could play multiplayer correct?
Me and my little brother used to rent this all the time. We never got past the aqua level.

Good times.
Posted by T:man (Member # 11614) on :
YES perfect, thank you scifibum!

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