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Posted by Lostinspace (Member # 11633) on :
Just got back from seeing Valkyrie. I felt they did a very good job with the movie. I enjoyed it greatly and would recomend it to all to see.
Posted by Raymond Arnold (Member # 11712) on :
It seemed like it could be a pretty good movie, but Tom Cruise is such a horrible choice for that role. No matter how good his acting may be I just can't get past him being Tom Cruise, and all that that implies.
Posted by Lostinspace (Member # 11633) on :
I guess I am not much for paying attention to actors and what that implies so I guess I don't really know what you mean.
Posted by Hank (Member # 8916) on :
I read a review that described it as being a movie about "the time Tom Cruise tried to kill hitler", and I expected to believe in everyone except Cruise in their roles, but I really wasn't distracted by it.
Posted by Lostinspace (Member # 11633) on :
Agreed I really did not notice it to be Cruise at all..infact I felt this was a rare time where he was the character.
Posted by Danlo the Wild (Member # 5378) on :
It made me cry at the end.

I applaud this move because Tom and Bryan Singer HAD to know going in it was not going to be a big hit, this is not a standard Tom Cruise film, it is a History lesson to a culture that's not a fan of history.

As a screenwriter, I went to the movie with ONE question. How do they end the movie? It worked. I cried.

Though, when I was leaving the theatre I heard two woman saying "That was Eddie Izzard? Really? I didn't recognize him."

I said, "Yeah, he wasn't wearing a dress."

They had a good laugh.
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
Originally posted by Lostinspace:
Agreed I really did not notice it to be Cruise at all..infact I felt this was a rare time where he was the character.

The big note I heard on the movie was the opposite, that when Cruise does his Nazi salute, the 4th wall reality of his personal presence on screen (and his ideological baggage added) is a seriously dissonant note. But I haven't seen it as it hasn't been released here, so I'm now quite curious to see what my reaction to the image will be.
Posted by Glenn Arnold (Member # 3192) on :
My question is whether this is a big screen movie or not. I'm just as happy seeing it on video unless there's a particular need for that big screen effect.
Posted by Lostinspace (Member # 11633) on :
I would say it is just as easy to wait for a rental. There were no other must see movies in the theater and wife and I needed out of the house so we chose to see this one.
Posted by Armoth (Member # 4752) on :
Just saw it myself. Figured I'd give this thread a bump. The movie was fantastic.

As a Jew, it was important for me to see this movie:

I forget which comedian it was who said that it's always hard to talk to Germans, ::puts on a German accent:: "Welcome to our country, try our food, enjoy our culture" - when all the while in your head, all you hear is "HITLER HITLER HITLER".

It's sad when movies have to teach you some culture, but it was perspective changing to understand that not all of Germany was happy with their chancellor.
Posted by Lostinspace (Member # 11633) on :
Not only is it sad when a movie has to be what teaches history but beyound that, not many people are even interested in getting that history even from a movie.

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