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Posted by BelladonnaOrchid (Member # 188) on :
Lately there's been a rash of movies that are in 3d such as Monsters vs. Aliens and Coraline. 0f course they are showing them at the 'nice' theaters around town, which only makes sense. If I were showing movies and wanted to make the most money, that's where I'd show them, too.

Unfortunately, I won't be going to see them. 3d movies are lost on me as I've never been able to see the images 'pop'. When I use the glasses, the red and blue lines around the characters turn green, and without them, I get a headache from watching a movie with semi-transparent lines around everything.

This wasn't an issue when I was growing up as there weren't that many things shot in that style, so I mostly missed out on the 'hidden image' things, which I also can't see. When my optometrist was asked about it, he stated that I don't have any vision issues like lazy eye that would keep me from seeing them, but suggested that I might be slightly color-blind. When he tried to figure out which color I was not seeing correctly, he was unable to. (For the record, I have never thought I was color-blind. I dye yarn and fiber in my spare time for sale, and have never had anyone state that they thought my color combos were 'off' or 'not as described'.)

Anybody else as irritated as I am at missing out on seeing the cool effects in these new movies along with other things, like the Superbowl promos earlier this year?
Posted by Elmer's Glue (Member # 9313) on :
Have you tried watching one recently? They work much, much better than Captain EO.
Posted by BelladonnaOrchid (Member # 188) on :
Yes, unfortunately I have. It's not really an issue of degrees of working, it just doesn't work at all. [Frown]

As a side note, I didn't know until recently that my Mother can't see them, either. I wonder if my daughter will be able to...
Posted by solo (Member # 3148) on :
Some (possibly all) of these movies are screened in 3d and standard versions. I took my son to see Coraline at the cheap theatre here and it was not a 3d version. There were no semi-transparent lines. It was also broadcast this way in the first run theatres around here that aren't equipped for the digital 3d. I'm pretty sure that Monsters vs. Aliens is the same.
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
When you're talking about 3D, do you mean the kind where you have to wear those red-blue glasses? Or would colorblindness somehow make the circularly polarized light method not work?

Personally, I hate the red-blue glasses kind.
Posted by Herblay (Member # 11834) on :
There's no "red and blue lines" in modern 3D.

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