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Posted by RivalOfTheRose (Member # 11535) on :

Try the colorgenics profiler...

I find it strangely accurate about 2/3rds of the time.
Posted by Xavier (Member # 405) on :
I did it in my preferred order, and found I related to about 15% of what it said. Some was WAY off.

So I took it again, completely reversing my initial color choice. I'd say it was about 60% accurate then.
Posted by TL (Member # 8124) on :
Pretty close, for me. Pretty dang close.
Posted by Trent Destian (Member # 11653) on :
Generalized statements catered to be applicable to the largest demographic possible. Just vague enough and universal enough that it's always kinda-sorta right.

I don't put much stock in aptitude and personality profilers. As Xavier did, someone can (and is liable to) consciously choose a specific order to manipulate the outcome. You'd get just as much accuracy in doing a blogthings quiz.
Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Posted by lem (Member # 6914) on :
You are angry with yourself and this frustration shows. You are contradictory and argumentative and feel helpless to change the situation at this time.
Everything seems to be going against you and you feel helpless to change the situation. The possibility of failure is most upsetting and this situation is leading to untold stress. You honestly believe that the situation is not of your making - it is not your fault - you have been misled and abused by those that you trusted, but you are trying to look at the situation quite dispassionately
Wow, my life sucks. I hope his site is offering something I can buy to finally find harmony.
Posted by Vadon (Member # 4561) on :
Definitely a Forer effect goin' down here. The first run through I did was uncannily accurate. That being said, I twisted it around a bit and it was still pretty accurate, even with the reverse choices.

Thanks for the link, it's entertaining if nothing else. [Smile]
Posted by Trent Destian (Member # 11653) on :
That's interesting, I didn't know there was an actual term for it. That's good to know.
Posted by Tara (Member # 10030) on :
I found about 90% of it to be accurate....
Posted by AchillesHeel (Member # 11736) on :
Cult. Generalized responses that paint you as the underdog, and then as someone with unimaginable potential. I would actually liken it to the mental state of the dangerously paranoid, a feeling of grandeur and persecution.

Choosing the first time, I went from dark to light, my natural order, and the response was that I am a person of unknown importance and they can help me realize it. The second time I went in the oppisite order, from bright to dark, the response was that I was a day dreamer who yearns for a faithful partner, and have been held down unjustly. The third time I started with blue and green and then went from light to dark and the response was that I am repressed self important and in need of an outlet.

Number one was from a male perspective, and likewise I was met with lines that any man would agree with, about being better than the station of life we are in, Destined to be powerful and recognized for it. Number two was the oppisite, in the line of colors and in the expected gender. The want for marriage, and the continous oppression and needing entire life change. In the third I shot for neither, even in the name Alex. 'Alex' was called self-absorbed and in need of acceptance.

Obviously I did not go into this willing to believe, but its just as flimsy and Scientology's little questionare while hooked up to machine "evaluating the ghost spirits in your body" Try that little color test again, and lie, and yet alot of it will still apply.
Posted by FlyingCow (Member # 2150) on :
Wow - that was... was... absolutely opposite of me. It was probably less accurate than even the weather.

I ran it again with the exactly opposite order of cubes, from those that were most agitating to me to those that were most comfortable... and it was far closer to my actual life.

Well, I could more easily shoehorn the vagueries of it to my personal experience... whereas the vagueries of the first go around were so alien that it was impossible to see any connection.

It's like a random horoscope generator. Wonder what I'd get if I put my name in as Gemini?

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