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Posted by Flying Fish (Member # 12032) on :
Just saw this. Enjoyed it a great deal. An interesting mix of hardware and magic -- "science fantasy." I'd be very interested in how hatrackers react to the religious overtones.
Posted by Raymond Arnold (Member # 11712) on :
I saw it. The entire experience was kinda "meh" but that was for reasons that didn't have to do with the movie. (Today was supposed to be my sort of birthday party and 9 was supposed to be the main event but almost no one could come). The movie itself was pretty good but I largely agree with the reviews - the plot was very very simple even as the aesthetics were very very interesting. I actually had been interested in the religious stuff hinted in the trailer "why do these machines have souls?" and the answer was "well, they just sort of do," which I thought was kinda lame.

And the resolution seemed to come out of left field (although I missed the first 5 minutes, dunno if that mattered). Evidently there's a rule that if all life dies simultaneously, all the souls disappear at once and life can't grow again unless you have a soul stored up to release later? Well, okay. I could accept that at face value but I'd rather the movie have built up to it than just threw it out there at the end.

Visuals were, of course, amazing as promised. Also, my favorite dialogue in the whole movie was between the twins.
Posted by Flying Fish (Member # 12032) on :
Happy "sort of" Birthday.

I think I could echo every comment and every reaction to the movie you describe, but for various reasons the movie resonated with me.
Posted by Raymond Arnold (Member # 11712) on :
Oh I definitely liked the movie overall. The fact that the soul thing wan't explained well didn't matter much to me, it just means that when you ask "what did I think about the religious implications" my answer is "What now?"

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