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Posted by Griffin (Member # 7166) on :
School Board elections for my local district are on November 3rd this year and I am undecided on how to vote. There are 5 candidates (candidate 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) and 3 open positions, therefor we are allowed to vote for up to three board members.
Candidates 1 and 2 I like, candidate 3 I am indifferent on and candidate 4 and 5 I do not want elected.

I will be voting for candidate 1 and 2 but need to decide if I should use my third vote to vote for candidate 3 or to only vote for candidates 1 and 2. Theoretically does it make more sense to not vote for candidate 3 because a vote for 3 reduces the odds candidates 1 and 2 will be elected or does it make more sense to vote for candidate 3 because it reduces the odds that candidates 4 or 5 will be elected.

Our district is mostly divided into 1 and 2 supporters versus 4 and 5 supporters. Candidate 3 is relatively new to the school district and does not have a support group.

Mathematically I don't know how to prove either way which is best for us 1 and 2 supporters, voting for 3 or not voting for three.

I think I need to research candidate 3 enough to rid myself of my indifference towards candidate 3. That would solve the problem.
Posted by Raymond Arnold (Member # 11712) on :
I've wondered about that a lot in different contexts as well. I think it depends a lot on how popular all the candidates are. If you have no idea then I think it's kinda a crap shoot until you get more information.

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