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Posted by lem (Member # 6914) on :
Spoiler. Here is what appears to be the first 2 minutes of the 2nd of the three last Tennant shows.

When can I watch it?.....the wait is unbearable.
Posted by Christine (Member # 8594) on :
I thought this was actually the last Tennant show. I'm going to miss him. I keep telling myself that when Tennant first came around, it took me a while to get used to him.

Two more days (I think)...
Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
Oh, this is great! I am looking forward to part 2! Part 1 was kind of all over the place, but it looks like it is just to set up Part 2.

you can watch it Saturday night on BBC America.
Posted by Christine (Member # 8594) on :
Yeah, part 1 didn't do a lot for me but I figured that was mostly because it just wasn't over yet. All setup and no punch. I've really got my hopes up for an exciting conclusion.

I have to wait until Saturday? [Frown]

Actually, it'll be Sunday. I'm going out Saturday.
Posted by Blayne Bradley (Member # 8565) on :
[SPOILEER!] RISES! Seemed pretty punchy to me.

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Posted by katharina (Member # 827) on :
BLAYNE! Mark that as a spoiler!
Posted by lem (Member # 6914) on :
So wait...part one of the two part finally is already over? Where do I see it? I don't have BBC America. Do we know how long it will be before us in the states with sucky cable can see it?
Posted by Ron Lambert (Member # 2872) on :
I get BBC America as channel 114 on Comcast Cable. BBCA generally shows new programs like this a year before the SyFy channel gets it. So the last Dave Tennant Dr. Who shows will probably air on the SyFy channel next year.

Dave Tennant is the best Dr. Who, in my opinion. His manner, his expressions, his emoting--especially in these last few episodes with serious drama in them--are far beyond those of his predecessors. Maybe his predecessors suffered because earlier episodes were much more campy. But Tennant was in some of those previous campy episodes in past years, and he still outshone the other Dr. Who's, such as Chris Eccleston. Eccleston played the invisible man on Heroes a couple of years ago, but I expect to see Tennant in other roles in the future, because he seems to be a better actor.
Posted by Chris Bridges (Member # 1138) on :
The last Tennant shows are airing here this weekend. BBC American is running all of his episodes in a 48 hour bunch starting at midnight tonight, ending with the 2-parter final shows.
Posted by Bella Bee (Member # 7027) on :
I'll try not to spoil a thing until y'all have had a chance to watch it - but the last episode is brilliant. It really wraps up David Tennant's era in a beautiful great big bow and hands it to you.
There are some very funny, very sweet moments too.

But, my goodness, his last words will shatter your heart into tiny, sharp little pieces.

When you've seen the episode, dried your eyes, and need cheering up, there's a trailer (gosh, I hope you can watch that wherever you are) for season 5.
Matt Smith may look a bit like a baby Frankenstein’s monster, but he's also rather adorable.

ETA: If the other link doesn't work try this one.

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Posted by Christine (Member # 8594) on :
Watched it today and it was a well-done if tearful farewell to David Tennant.

The new doctor is a baby! He's got to be 10 years younger than me...that's going to be an adjustment.
Posted by Ron Lambert (Member # 2872) on :
I didn't really care for the new Dr. Who. Maybe it's because who could follow David Tennant? But the new guy had better show he's a good actor, because he just doesn't look like a Dr. Who. I half agree with Bella Bee. I just don't know why she thinks he's adorable.

Anybody care to name their favorite Dr. Who episode? I will put in my nomination now for "Blink." In my view, that is where the mainly campy show rose to the level of quality science fiction/fantasy. The two motifs going on at once--the temporally locked "weeping angels" and the back-and-forth interplay between Dr. Who stuck in 1969 and Sally Sparrow in 2007--were both creative gems. Amazing to have so much substance in one show! And it ended with such a feel-good note! That episode was written by Steven Moffat. (Link: )

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Posted by Christine (Member # 8594) on :
Originally posted by Ron Lambert:
I didn't really care for the new Dr. Who. Maybe it's because who could follow David Tennant? But the new guy had better show he's a good actor, because he just doesn't look like a Dr. Who. I half agree with Bella Bee. I just don't know why she thinks he's adorable.

I dunno...maybe he is adorable, but the trouble is that Dr. Who isn't adorable. It's like you say, he just doesn't look like a Dr. Who. Tennant is going to be a tough act to follow, but that would be true for anyone.

But let's give him a chance. Each Doctor has been a bit different and I don't think they would have cast him if he weren't a good actor. He's going to have to be, because he doesn't have commanding looks so he's going to have to have commanding presence, if that makes any sense.
Posted by Teshi (Member # 5024) on :
On the contrary, the Doctor has frequently been, if not precisely adorable, at least loveable.

And it's not like David Tennant isn't quite adorable himself.
Posted by Christine (Member # 8594) on :
David Tennant is adorable in a grown-up sense. [Smile]
Posted by Bella Bee (Member # 7027) on :
he just doesn't look like a Dr. Who.
I had the exact same reaction last year when this guy was announced (partly because I knew I was going to miss David Tennant in the role) - but to be honest, there really isn't a particular way the Doctor should look - I mean, over the years he's been ancient and mean, scruffy and whimsical, dapper and kung-fu, Bob Dylan and eccentric, young, blonde and sensitive, bombastic and cruel, small and sly, old fashioned gentleman, dark and damaged, chirpy and so very complicated...

That's become kind of the point, one of the things that makes the Doctor so special. He has all these elements inside him. Yet always, somewhere deep down, he's the same man.
The soul is the same, but the decoration changes beyond recognition - and every time the Doctor is someone we've never met before, or even imagined he could be.

As long as this young man can bring that indescribable, yet essential Doctor-ness to the role, he'll fit in.
If not, then I don't think he'll last more than a year and then we'll get someone who can.

So far, he seems weird enough for me not to worry too much.

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