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Posted by Darth_Mauve (Member # 4709) on :
I am sure that everyone is familiar with the feud between Ninja's and Pirates. Who is more dangerous? Who would kill whom first? Who dresses cool and who dresses just weird?

But over the weekend I realized that in this eternal war between Ninja's and Pirates, the Pirates have been relying on a secret weapon.


Everywhere I saw Halloween decorations that included skeletons or zombies, there would always be a contingent of Pirate Skeletons and Pirate Zombies.

Even in the biggest movie franchise in Pirate History, the truly powerful pirates were all zombie pirates.

So that is how lowly pirates who's biggest advantage is their rich and lively speech patterns are able to keep even with the dark masters of the night--zombies.

And when the Zombie Apocalypse finally arrives, it will be led by the Pirates. (That would be the Zombie Acapulco--lypse).

What can the Ninja's do to stave off being ousted by the Zombie/Pirate alliance?

They must ally with some undead creature too?

That's right--masters of the night, able to seep into locked rooms like a fog, deadly, silent and sexy--what am I describing Ninjas--or Vampires.

And no, I don't mean Glittery Vampires. I means dark, nasty, Eastern European Nobility accented vampires.

I see it all now--coming this winter to SyFy--"Zombie Pirates VS Ninja Vampires--the Most Terrifying Combination Combat Since Alien VS Predator 4."
Posted by Jenny Gardener (Member # 903) on :
How do zombies and vampires actually fight each other? Is there actually any blood left for a vampire to suck?
Posted by sarcasticmuppet (Member # 5035) on :
Courtesy Mr. Muppet:

Japanese Vampires eat your ki.

Or soba noodles.

whichever is handy.
Posted by Jenny Gardener (Member # 903) on :
And would a zombie have any motivation to eat a vampire? Are their brains still good?
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
Cervantes was my favorite character in that game too. [Big Grin]
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
cervantes was, along with raphael, the funnest time to be had brutalizing meh players or people who didn't get the whole sidestepping mechanic.

Now, they're both undead.
Posted by Herblay (Member # 11834) on :
Zombies are the only reason people respect pirates enough to speculate about pirates versus ninjas. They aren't an advantage, they're the reason why pirates can actually go toe to toe with ninjas.

Ninja weapons don't use ammunition. They can fly and will totally destroy the zombies during the zombie apocalypse. The have real ultimate power and can perform seppuku with a frisbee.
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
If a ninja is turned into a zombie, does it lose its ninja abilities?
Posted by Tresopax (Member # 1063) on :
I was always under the impression that ninjas favored the never-lived over the undead... Ninja Robots would make a fine matchup against Zombie Pirates.
Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Ninjas seem to get along with Angel, who incidentally wrangles and wins against zombies at least twice
Posted by Geraine (Member # 9913) on :
I think it comes down to this. Chuck Norris practices martial arts. Because of this, I have to believe he would side with the ninjas.

Chuck Norris > Zombies


Then again.... I have heard that:

"Little ninjas dream of growing up to become Chuck Norris, but usually they just grow up to be killed by Chuck Norris"

I guess we have to question why Chuck Norris kills Ninjas. Does he just not know how to control his power and ends up killing ninjas in exhibitions and sparing matches, or is he actually working with the pirates?

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