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Posted by AlphaEnder (Member # 12514) on :
So, I've been burning through the books again in iBook format, and I noticed a lot of mistakes in Ender in Exile. However, they were all things like "in de pend ent", where it just looks like it was spaced along the syllables. There was one exception to this trend though: chapter 9, in the letter at the beginnignof the chapter, it says "a few privileges inhere to this office[...]". is this a book to iBook error, or an actual issue that no one managed to catch? I try not to be a spelling or grammar Nazi, but when I have to sound out words it slows down my reading by quite a bit and takes away from the feeling that I'm actually part of the story; it reminds me that I'm just an observer, a reader. Anyone else notice this, or can confirm that that is not the case in the actual book? (sorry if this is the wrong forum for this; brand new guy :/ )
Posted by C3PO the Dragon Slayer (Member # 10416) on :
I know there was a "Mother shook her heads" in the print version, but I remember none of the errors you mentioned from it. Probably an iBook thing.
Posted by Foust (Member # 3043) on :
I try not to be a spelling or grammar Nazi
Try harder.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Originally posted by C3PO the Dragon Slayer:
Probably an iBook thing.

It seems likely.

I know when I read ebooks, there are not infrequently errors like that present, which are not in the print edition.

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