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Posted by Eduardo_Sauron (Member # 5827) on :
Hello, Hatrackers! Long time no see! Your favorite third-world denizen Eduardo, from sunny Rio de Janeiro, is back, albeit for a short while.

My lovely wife Isabel will travel to Boston in november, so she can interview some Portuguese-American people for her Doctorate thesis (Contemporary History).
We're searching for clean but simple hotels (she'll be there for two or three weeks, I guess, and the research grant isn't very big).
I know we can find many hotels by searching online, but if some of you know of good places, post here. I'd be very glad for your help.
Oh, yes... she'd rather stay at places without too many stairs, since she has a slight disability that makes climbing stairs a bit difficult.
Again, sorry for my garbled english and thanks in advance.
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
I stayed at the Back Bay hotel and the Charlesmark last time I was in boston, and I think I'm doing the Charlesmark again when I return. I don't think either has you dealing with many stairs. you could check those out.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
We stayed outside the city to get a cheaper rate. It wan't a big deal because Boston has a great metro system.
Posted by Eduardo_Sauron (Member # 5827) on :
We did this in London and also got cheaper rates. Probably a good idea, Scott R. Do you remember the place's name?
Posted by Bokonon (Member # 480) on :
T system, you DC heathen!


Where are the interviews? Hotels in Boston are generally expensive, but if you are willing to use the T (subway), The cities of Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Brookline and Quincy are all places that are accessible.
Posted by Bokonon (Member # 480) on :
Another Hatracker stayed in at the Hotel Tria in Cambridge. It is in a slightly scruffy/mixed area, but it is also right by the Alewife Red Line T stop.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :

No, alas-- it was a while ago we stayed there.

T system, you DC heathen!
I'll call it whatever you want, Bok. I wish DC's metro was as extensive as Beantown's.
Posted by Eduardo_Sauron (Member # 5827) on :
Bokonon, she has a list of addresses from families who agreed to be interviewed. All in Boston Metro, but it's not just one place.
Posted by Bokonon (Member # 480) on :
Scott: And I wish we had some of the whistles and bells of what the Metro has [Smile] (Time until next train at the platform, please!)

The Hotel Tria might be good then, if she has to drive anywhere, as it is close to a main highway out to the greater Boston metro area. And I know that Somerville has a decent Brazillian population.

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