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Posted by RivalOfTheRose (Member # 11535) on :
Anyone have any real life contrast and comparisons?

Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
I actually just use a lead-casting linotype model 6 to block-print commands in transmission control protocol, throw them in the direction of the nearest Covad hub, and then wait for a response. A little slower than the service Comcast gave me, but I can't tell you how happy I am to live life free of the reasonably justified constant desire to murder Comcast CS reps and managers.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
I can't compare the speed, but I can tell you that Comcast gave me poor customer service.
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
I had a major billing issue with Comcast that took the better part of a year to resolve. Other than that, I was reasonably satisfied. I have time warner now, and I get better service with no problems for about fifty dollars less a month.
Posted by advice for robots (Member # 2544) on :
I would love to have any of those services available in my area, as they all offer ESPN 3. [Smile]
Posted by xtownaga (Member # 7187) on :
I've never used Comcast (and, based on everything I've heard about them, I hope I never have to), so I can't compare them directly. The other comments in this thread match up pretty well with what I've heard though.

I have Fios, and it's been fantastic. I can pretty reliably get the full 20 Mbit/s down speed at any time of the day, and have very, very low latency in games. I don't make large uploads often enough to comment on how reliably I get my 5Mb/s upload speed, but the few times I've run bandwidth tests it's always been spot on. The TV service is pretty generic tv service. It works fine, and I haven't had any issues, but I mostly just watch TV on my computer. The landline phone service also hasn't had any problems. There's the vague issue that if you lose power for more than 8ish hours the battery in the fiber box will die and you lose phone service (and internet/tv service, but since you don't have power in this situation those wouldn't be usable anyway), but that duration of power outage isn't exactly a common occurrence in most places.

The only issue I've had with Fios was when Verizon had a big strike going on with their technicians last year. It slowed down to maybe 5% of the speed I'm supposed to get for about a week, and sped back up when the strike was resolved.
Posted by RivalOfTheRose (Member # 11535) on :
Samp, I am unable to tell if you are being serious or sarcastic. If it is serious, can you elaborate? If it is sarcasm, it is very well-played!
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
I don't think Samprimary actually uses the internet via hard copy and ballistics.

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