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Posted by Danlo the Wild (Member # 5378) on :

What we use to barter goods,
resources, needs services and
human time.

What we use to pay taxes,
fines and fees to Government.


The decay of Money through money creation
by banks, kings, religions, governments

Hyper Inflation.

The 5-7 day period where the Money's value explodes downward to zero.

France. Germany. China.
It's happened to all of them
in their histories.

Russia defaulted on its debts in the 1990s.

This pattern has woven its way through history many times.

Wonky history buffs unite!

Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
Great weather we are having down here in FL. But eventually there will be a great storm. Some damage will be done, then cleanup will begin.

Oddly enough, life goes on, and most people aren't really even affected.
Posted by Dr Strangelove (Member # 8331) on :
Though, just to be fun and keep the metaphor going, when I look back on pictures of where I live prior to the Year of the Four Hurricanes (can't ever remember the actual year. 04?), and I look at it now, there certainly is a stark difference in the amount of trees. And... ya know... trees make money... so... segue!

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