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Posted by RivalOfTheRose (Member # 11535) on :
Is there a way to remove crust from elbows?

Is there a way to prevent them from getting crustier in the future?

Posted by Jake (Member # 206) on :
But the crust is the most nutritious part of the elbow!
Posted by 777 (Member # 9506) on :
Elbow grease. (ducks)
Posted by The Pixiest (Member # 1863) on :
If you stick your elbow in your ear the wax will smooth and soften the skin.
Posted by Aros (Member # 4873) on :
I use a really sharp knife to remove the crust from bread . . . so. . . .

I'm not sure if you want to remove it, as it might make it worse, but you could try one of those files or shavers they use for feet.

I'd recommend using Na-PCA for preventing it. It's the salt of Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid, the moisturizing factor in human skin. It's really amazing stuff -- and it's cheap. I use it as a face / hand moisturizer, but it's also worked wonders on my calluses and eczema.

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