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Posted by MrSquicky (Member # 1802) on :
There was a lot to talk about from this movie, but the big question is how much of was actually real? Thierry is a real person and he did have the art shows depicted, but there's a lot to suggest he was a creation of Banksy and the other actual street artists as a perfect vehicle for criticizing the consumer nature of art.

We also talked about the classification of what constitutes defacing a space. Billboards are almost always a form of pollution that deface the public space they are put up in, but they are legal and socially acceptable. Street art, up until it became trendy, was often looked down upon and is still usually illegal, but good street art serves, for many people, to improve the public space. But how does one define "good" street art and where does the line between actual art and simple vandalism lie. To me, the Obey campaign falls just one either one side or the other of that line and I'm not sure which, really. Also, how much of what is socially acceptable in this space is driven by the commercial aspect of art. If Banksy and several other artists weren't selling their art for a lot of money, would street art have ever become acceptable?

Another thing was the role of subversion in art, especially street art. I'll save that for later, because I can finally get to sleep tonight hopefully.

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