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Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
I found this sentence in Orinoco's post in Samp's "homomentum" thread

Prop 8 is so baldly anti-constitutional, so badly defended...
strangely satisfying with near-permutations "baldly" and "badly" so close together.

So I propose an amusement (no permutation dictionary cheating please!): meaningful single sentences using as many single-word permutations of a group of letters as possible.

I'll start simple:

Levi was surprised to live through his live televised battle under an evil veil of vile darkness.
[counting heteronyms for 'live' as two words]

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Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
This post opts to stop the tops of pots on the spot.
Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
Come on you lazy prats, find the parts to strap down the tarps before the weather traps us eating our sprat in the rain.
Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
If the horses reest, reset their focus so we can steer through the trees on the bank of the Seret.
[Yeah, I know that's a bit of a stretch. [Big Grin] ]
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Neo’s friend Enos voted his noes for eons to avoid paying through the nose with ones to hear Brian Eno’s music played at one sone.
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Tina's and Nita's belief was strong that their favorite actor, Sean Astin, would be a saint to travel to Tanis to remove a stain from some satin covered tains, no matter how many "he ain'ts" they heard from friends who in this case were antis.
Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
Great one, Papa Moose!
Posted by Vadon (Member # 4561) on :
Ere we err, does a dose of permutation need all letters to already be in the word like in "veil and evil"?
Posted by Anthonie (Member # 884) on :
If I understand your question correctly, Vadon, yes, all letters should be present in each permutation.

ETA: Plurals and possessives are fair.

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Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Anne Kate's whole stake would skate to collect teaks, and John Keats makes steak that takes the cake!

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