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Posted by Destineer (Member # 821) on :
Anyone watching this? I'm four episodes in and I have mixed feelings. Seems like the basics are good, but so far it's not coming together for me.

If you've made it farther than I have, a few questions:

-Does the show become less episodic? Right now the episodes seem pretty self-contained, which feels like a throwback to an earlier era of TV.

-Does the story with Robin Wright's charity ever become interesting?

Another tangential question about the show: am I supposed to be attracted to Zoe Barnes? She looks like a 13-year-old.
Posted by JonHecht (Member # 9712) on :
No. (Though it does impact the overall plot.)
Posted by Lyrhawn (Member # 7039) on :
I guess?

I thought the most attractive character was the young woman dating Congressman Russo. She was cute, and also not morally highly questionable.

I'm not sure episodic is really the right word for it. I don't think you'll understand what's happening in episodes 8, 9 and 10 if you don't watch 1-7. The plot definitely builds as it goes.

And no, the thing with the charity is never much more than a side story. I find some of what she does to be mildly interesting in her efforts to expand it, but, it serves largely as a distraction to try to make the wife more of an individual. Though as the plot goes on, what happens there does play a role in the larger plot.
Posted by Jeff C. (Member # 12496) on :
I personally loved this show. The chemistry between the characters was really great and Kevin Spacey is fantastic in the role. The writing was also great, filled with plenty of quotable lines. Great stuff.

Anyway, as the series unfolds, there are a few scenes where you see Zoe undressing and showing her sexuality. Before that, I didn't think of her as a woman, but afterwards it's pretty clear. She also starts acting like one, thankfully, because in the early episodes she comes across as an inexperienced child.

Robin Wright's character's charity thing never really takes on the momentum of Kevin Spacey's story, but it does provide some conflict later on. And, of course, it allows for some nice character development on her part. Still, Spacey holds the most interesting story by far.

Season 2 has begun pre-production, so there will be at least another 13 episodes. There were 26 planned from the start, so it's anyone's guess if they'll make any more seasons.

This show is an interesting experiment in television and ratings. Amazon is going to be following with their own original content, making a Zombieland show based on the film, but it's anyone's guess if it will prove successful. I guess we'll find out in the next few years if this new model is the next step in television entertainment or not. Time will tell.

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