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Posted by Wingracer (Member # 12293) on :
Just found out Tom Clancy passed away. I really enjoyed his early stuff.
Posted by Elison R. Salazar (Member # 8565) on :
I don't mind Red Storm Rising and Hunt for the Red October so much but virtually everything else is poorly researched schlock at best and racist propaganda at worst. While Ralph Peters is borderline terrible in his political opinions Red Army I found to be thoroughly enjoyable and approachable read so I'ld heartedly recommend him if you liked Early Tom Clancy as its a engaging look at how the Soviets might pull a victory in a WWIII scenario.

Clancy is probably the Ur-Example of everything wrong in modern authors of military techno-thrillers in the almost compulsive need for the authors to segway their politics counter productively into the narrative no matter how patently ridiculous. Re: Empire/Posleen Wars/I'm sure there's more..
Posted by Wingracer (Member # 12293) on :
I agree but like I said, I didn't get much of that from his early stuff. I particularly liked Cardinal of the Kremlin. Not his most famous work but for some reason, it really worked for me.

Fortunately, him and other such authors going off the deep end isn't a problem for me either since I got tired of the whole military/spy thriller genre many years ago.
Posted by Hobbes (Member # 433) on :
Perhaps threads mourning the death of well known people isn't the best place to trash them? This isn't the first time you've done this and I know I for one would appreciate it if you stopped doing so.

I had a lot of fun reading Tom Clancy as a kid. I still like reading his stuff when I'm in the mood for something fast and fun. I guess I always considered his books the literary equivalent of a summer action film. Red Storm Rising is my favorite, but the early Jack Ryan stuff is great too.

Hobbes [Smile]
Posted by Destineer (Member # 821) on :
Three of them made rather good movies...
Posted by Wingracer (Member # 12293) on :
The only movie I really liked was Red October. The rest were ok but nothing special but THfRO is an all time classic for me.
Posted by Hobbes (Member # 433) on :
I thought Patriot Games was fun. Not amazing, but fun.

Hobbes [Smile]
Posted by Destineer (Member # 821) on :
I thought both Harrison Ford movies were quite good. But yeah, Red October is the only classic.
Posted by James Tiberius Kirk (Member # 2832) on :
RIP. Red Storm Rising: still his best work.
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
I haven't read any of his novels, but I've played a number of the video games with his stamp of approval on them. The Splinter Cell games I've played were very very good. Regardless, RIP. I know for some people this is a huge loss.
Posted by Sa'eed (Member # 12368) on :
I really liked the film version of "Clear and Present Danger." That's what I want in a movie -- a hero to root for,, a labyrinth plot, and some action!
Posted by ricree101 (Member # 7749) on :
Originally posted by Wingracer:
I particularly liked Cardinal of the Kremlin. Not his most famous work but for some reason, it really worked for me.

That was my favorite too. I was always a bit surprised that it never got a movie, even though so many of his other books around then did.

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