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Posted by Ender772 (Member # 13096) on :
It is the only book I ever read twice and i would ask Orson Scott Card, if i ever met him...If he still feels that in order to truly appreciate life you must first endure pain, loss, and hard times. I for one agree with it and since then has been a real eye opener for me.
Posted by tertiaryadjunct (Member # 12989) on :
I agree. It's my favorite OSC book (and my second favorite overall) but it doesn't seem to get much love from most people for some reason.

I tried to start some discussion about it here (specifically about the similarities between it and Lois Lowry's The Giver - which if you haven't read you might want to do; it's an easy read) but it died out pretty quickly. Maybe I started the thread in the wrong subforum though.
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
You only read it twice? And that's the only book you've ever read twice? There are few good books I *haven't* read twice if I've read them once. Read more.
Posted by Armand2013 (Member # 13099) on :
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Posted by krynn (Member # 524) on :
Certainly one of my favorite books as well. I bought it again on my phone because my dad has the hard copy about an hour away. Plenty of cool characters in this book.
Posted by Jeff C. (Member # 12496) on :
The Worthing Saga was the second OSC book I read. It's definitely in my top 3 for OSC novels. I've read Ender's Game about seven times, but I've only read the Worthing Saga once. It's a great story, but I lost the book so I wasn't able to dive back in. I'll have to pick it up again. I really enjoyed it.
Posted by Heisenberg (Member # 13004) on :
Huh. I've had this one sitting on my shelf for a while now, never got around to it. Guess I'll have to move it up in priority.
Posted by Heisenberg (Member # 13004) on :
Read it. Decent book. Jason Worthing was a monster.
Posted by tertiaryadjunct (Member # 12989) on :
Well, yes, he does very explicitly acknowledge taking the role of Satan. The question is, do we need the monster?

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