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Posted by Irami Osei-Frimpong (Member # 2229) on :
Hello all, it's been a decade. I'm hitched. I have a kid. And my wife and I are producing a television drama.

The idea is that primetime drama does not need to be set in a police precinct, hospital, or courtroom in order to be relevant. We can tell these stories out of a church. Since I have quite a few rough edges, the show will not be hokey or cliche-- problems will not be resolved with cheap grace and soulful looks into the camera, but Disciples will not be over cynical, either. Just think of The West Wing, set in a church, with serious people trying to hold their community together with the church's spiritual and political resources.

Popular culture influences the skill with which people talk about their community institutions. Hopefully, if we get enough money to film the pilot and the first season, "Disciples" will increase the skill with which people talk about the place of the church in American political life.

Check out the promo:

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Posted by Destineer (Member # 821) on :
Whoa, what's up man??? Welcome! [Smile]
Posted by Derrell (Member # 6062) on :
Long time, no see. Welcome back.
Posted by Derrell (Member # 6062) on :
It sounds interesting. I hope you get it on the air.
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
Welcome back! (sorta back, anyways)
Posted by Jake (Member # 206) on :
Good luck with the series, Irami.
Posted by Irami Osei-Frimpong (Member # 2229) on :
Thanks, All.

The series should be hoot.

There won't be any sex scandals, and only a bit of random violence, but mostly you are going to see members of the senior staff of a Midwestern church serve as community actors, ministering to the breadth of problems that walk through the church's door. The scripts are good and the pacing is brisk, and you'll see a show about competent adults doing serious work set in a church.

That is, if we can raise the budget for the pilot.
Posted by Unmaker (Member # 1641) on :
I'm really looking forward to this.
Posted by ak (Member # 90) on :
Way to go, Irami! Looks interesting.

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