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Posted by Szymon (Member # 7103) on :
I'm not a professional, I just run three times a week. I began with 5 km, now I'm running around 15 km (errr, 9 miles?).

I like it, I feel great afterwards and well, it's good for my health and all that, but... it's boring. I listen to music and that's a great improvement. I tried listening to audiobooks, but that was a disaster, I couldn't focus, the reading was too slow. Somehow it had a detrimental effect on my pace, rythm and all that.

One time I had a project at work, a gripping one, that made me think about it. And it was awesome. I had great ideas. I don't even remember running, I was all-brain kinda thing.

Now, do you have any ideas (now that my project is concluded) on what problems could I ponder on? I mean, like really complex and interesting. I tried to look up some riddles, but they are usually mediocre and simple, or just silly. I mean like really complicated logical or logistical problems, an exercise for the mind if you will.

Do you have any experience of your own? Or ideas? Thanks in advance.
Posted by tertiaryadjunct (Member # 12989) on :
I usually think "Damn it, I should have checked the forecast and parked closer!" But that may be due to the types of situations I bother to run in.

Most devices will speed up audiobooks if the pace is all that is throwing you off.

Sometimes on long drives I think up plots and twists for interesting stories. It's fun but ultimately unproductive because I have no writing skills. [Razz]
Posted by ClaudiaTherese (Member # 923) on :
The Zombies, run! game for runners.

Posted by ricree101 (Member # 7749) on :
Honestly, I usually wind up with some stupid song stuck in my head that gets synced to my pace. It gets really annoying really quick.
Posted by Szymon (Member # 7103) on :
Thanks, the zombie could be fun [Smile] And, I didn't think about speeding up the audiobook. I should try that.
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
that we are about 5/6ths of the way through earth's habitable window of time before increased solar output turns the planet into a dry, baked, lifeless rock

that post-materialist sovereignty will never exist and that we are all slaves to capitalism's avarice

that morals of virtue are purposeless and all judgement is passed down from a depraved elite

that whatever cause of fermi's paradox bore true for the rest of the intelligence in the galaxy we can interpret no sign of shall one day be true of our own species; we are already latecomers to a dying universe increasingly ruled by entropy and with the great majority of star formation complete and exhausted

i am the best running buddy
Posted by Szymon (Member # 7103) on :
Originally posted by Samprimary:

i am the best running buddy

Indeed you are! Thanks. Your ideas actually spawned a new one in my head: think of ideas of short, simple scifi stories. I'll start with the dying Universe (no one has come up with such an idea, I'm sure).

If anything's born in a 9-mile-sweat, I'll publish it here. Hold your breath. Too bad English isn't my first language [Wink]

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