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Posted by oscfan17 (Member # 13377) on :
No Rakeesh, THIS is a hack article:

Shorter Ezra Klein: Women should be allowed to retroactively withdraw consent and innocent men should be punished by college rape tribunals so as to make all young college men fearful of the consequences of sex.
Posted by Dogbreath (Member # 11879) on :

Hi Clive.
Posted by Rakeesh (Member # 2001) on :
Man, for whatever reason, whether it's impatience or what, you really can't put off the reveal too long, can you Clive?

I'll admit, I slipped up. The vox link should've had my feelers up but you got me!
Posted by Heisenberg (Member # 13004) on :
You definitely did a better job of hiding it this time.

I just want to reiterate how frustrating it is to have misogynistic, sexually frustrated and insecure men such as your self muddying the waters for whenever sane people want to discuss men's issues and concerns in a rational manner.

I'll point out that your arguments and attitude were being increasingly treated with disdain before anyone even twigged that it was you. It's not a "Clive stigma" that explains the reaction that you get. Just you and your personality.

Inb4 "Why who is this Clive fellow you mention I have never heard of him he sounds like an interesting fellow perhaps one day we could meet!"
Posted by oscfan17 (Member # 13377) on :
Someone once said to me, on another forum, "one day you will look back and be embarrassed by the things you said here." That's how I feel about a lot of things I said here on this forum over the years when I was going through some difficulty and overestimating the worth of female companionship and feeling very deprived. I am over all that now, I swear.
Posted by Heisenberg (Member # 13004) on :
I'll be the last person in the world to say that a person can't change. Good luck in feeling better and presenting a better face to the world.
Posted by zlogdanbr (Member # 13374) on :
I am kind of lost here. [Dont Know]
Posted by Rakeesh (Member # 2001) on :
Zlog, it's a tedious story that involves a poster who has registered and been banned or simply left multiple times, returning in different names but always with the same themes. I would hesitate to say 'always' except that new members who post about current events aren't very common, and Clive Candy-one of the early names of oscfan17, has if not a memorable style a memorable focus.

Specifically, it never takes him long to start saying disturbing, misogynistic things about women and female sexuality. A search on Hatrack on either Sa'eed or Clive Candy should explain it well enough, if you're bored and want some horrified fascination.
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
Originally posted by oscfan17:
I am over all that now, I swear.

literally everyone believes you, definitely

hashtag sobrave
Posted by zlogdanbr (Member # 13374) on :
Thanks Rakeesh. Crazy stuff.

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