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Posted by docmagik (Member # 1131) on :
Wow, the world sure went crazy, right?

How are you holding up, personally?

Eager to know how everybody is doing.
Posted by JanitorBlade (Member # 12343) on :
I'm working from home this week, so that will be an interesting experience.

Schools are closed, but my wife works at a hospital so expecting inevitable exposure.
Posted by Mr. Y (Member # 11590) on :
I have been working from home for over a week. Yesterday the government announced that counter measures are in effect until June 1st, so it's probably gonna be awhile before things return to normal.

I am not overly worried about exposure, but I basically only go out for grocery shopping. My hope is that everybody takes this seriously, so that we can avoid an actual lockdown.

Wishing all of you out there good health and let's hope we can slow the spread of the virus.
Posted by MarekAgain (Member # 13484) on :
I work in the medical device industry, and some of our products are used in treating Covid-19 cases, so working a lot more than usual right now
Posted by Derrell (Member # 6062) on :
On the front lines of the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. I work at a grocery store. Haven't gotten sick, even with all the people going crazy and buying everything in sight.
Posted by DustinDopps (Member # 12640) on :
On January 10 (my birthday) I was supposed to emcee our employee luncheon. But the night before I started feeling really sick, so I made plans for someone to take over if I couldn't make it.

And, in fact, I was sick. As sick as I've ever been. That was a Friday and I missed emcee'ing with a fever, chills, and constant coughing. I was sick all weekend, then missed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at work because I still felt terrible. I ended up with a horrible cough for about three weeks.

I am convinced I had corona virus. I think it was already here in the population and we just didn't know it. I didn't go to a doctor, and I assume many other people didn't either. But my workplace had many people out with the same stuff.

So... I am social distancing. I am working from home. I am following the guidelines. But I truly believe I already had the virus and it isn't a real issue anymore.

I work for the organization that licenses lawyers in our state and I do communications, so I've been sending out messages from the courts to all of our attorneys over the past two weeks. It is almost surreal.
Posted by Nick (Member # 4311) on :
I'm a mechanic for a living, so I'm "essential". Yay me. But the silver lining is that I'm still working. I really feel for the folks that aren't. [Frown]

I haven't been able to see my parents in weeks because they're in their late 60s. That's been tough.
Posted by JanitorBlade (Member # 12343) on :
I work in food retail for grocers so this has been a good quarter for us. That makes me feel safe in my situation. But for many others even in food it's a really precarious time.
Posted by Kwea (Member # 2199) on :
working as a nurse in a nursing facility. The FL Board of Health has already been though us 2x, so far we are clean of the virus.
Posted by cmc (Member # 9549) on :
*marks self as safe*
Posted by Roseauthor (Member # 148) on :
So far, doing well. Texas didn't have as many cases and opening up. Things didn't change much. I've worked from home for a decade or more, so nothing changed. Yay
Posted by Sterling (Member # 8096) on :
Still alive.
Posted by JanitorBlade (Member # 12343) on :
Me too! Arkansas is actually seeing it's largest numbers of new cases now.


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Posted by Eduardo_Sauron (Member # 5827) on :
It's been a long time, folks. :-)
Still alive. Things are escalating here in Brazil, though.
Posted by JanitorBlade (Member # 12343) on :

Sorry man. It seems like a mess all over the Americas.
Posted by Hawberk (Member # 2503) on :
I've not logged-in since 2011 but I'm not dead, as far as I am aware.
Posted by Bokonon (Member # 480) on :
Still hanging in there.
Posted by stacey (Member # 3661) on :
Checking in from NZ where the virus has been largely eradicated. We are only getting cases at the border now (all travelers coming in to NZ have to quarantine in hotels for 2 weeks and be tested multiple times). There is no community transmission. Fingers crossed it stays that way. It will only take one instance of something slipping through the cracks for it to start spreading all over again.

Unbelievable times we are living in. Hard to realise that we are pretty much cut off from the rest of the world now - any overseas travel is well off the cards. Not sure what will happen with our borders if a vaccine does not become available!

Take care everyone.
Posted by cmc (Member # 9549) on :
*still safe. despite a lot of stupidity actually everywhere. wash your hands, register, then vote. also, cough into your elbow... that’s the civilized way to do it.*
Posted by hawser (Member # 13415) on :
Still finding ways to earn a living
Posted by cmc (Member # 9549) on :
still safe...
Posted by jebus202 (Member # 2524) on :
still safe?
Posted by Selene (Member # 14471) on :
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Keep the spirit burning, to live life to its fullest!
Posted by Selene (Member # 14471) on :
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Keep the spirit burning, to live life to its fullest!
Posted by Altáriël of Dorthonion (Member # 6473) on :
I'm okay, I guess? I'm in Iceland now, so I'm personally doing okay, but I'm fairly on edge about all my family in California and Mexico.
Posted by HellerThriller (Member # 14505) on :
Originally posted by Selene:
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Keep the spirit burning, to live life to its fullest!

Nice, Selene. Encouraging people to be stronger, to help them think that they're not alone in their endless fights! Raise up, people!
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Well, I'm dabbling at Hatrack again. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

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