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Posted by millernumber1 (Member # 9894) on :
(Post contains spoilers for the Shadow series and Enchantment)

A delightful essay about a show I probably won't watch, since I currently watch as many shows as I think I can handle, all of which offer the same type of enjoyment OSC indicates The Mentalist provides.

However, I am curious about one thing - OSC mentions that he doesn't really like villains, rarely writes them, and when he does, he is happy to kill them and leave them dead - and I definitely see that happening with Achilles in the Shadow series.

However, in Enchantment, the main villain, someone I regarded as matching the evil of the kinds of sadistic and powerful serial killers on TV, is left alive and plotting. Was this a deliberate breaking the principal? Something OSC regarded as essential to the nature of the story he was telling (the cyclical/continually retold/reborn fairy stories)? I don't mind it per se, since the villain is clearly beaten and will never bother the heroes again - but will just as clearly go on to make life miserable for other people in the future.

Such an enjoyable essay that it made me think! [Smile]

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