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Posted by vineyarddawg (Member # 13007) on :
Well, that was... different. [Smile]

I don't know if I enthusiastically agree with everything OSC wrote in his criticism of Obama and his policies, but I do agree with his premise that the U.S. has been, to paraphrase in the spirit of Churchill, "The worst superpower in history... except for all the other ones."

The primary point I take issue with is OSC's Hari Seldon-like prediction that everything will soon come crashing down around us... but I suppose time will tell on that point.
Posted by Doug64 (Member # 13148) on :
It makes sense, with the US proving unreliable those nations that depended on us will build up their own militaries, larger nations flex their muscles to bully their smaller neighbors, smaller nations form local alliances to protect themselves from their larger neighbors, and the world becomes poorer, more militarized, less stable, and the world economy takes a hit and our economy with it.

Mind, we don't have to get to that point. Obama will be with us for only a few more years, hopefully we'll replace him with someone that recognizes the importance of foreign matters to our own economy. But at this point I'm not optimistic.

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