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Posted by vineyarddawg (Member # 13007) on :
I am not ashamed to admit that I feel like a crack addict getting a tiny sliver of his normal dose when I see these come out!

Posted by BlackBlade (Member # 8376) on :
Depending on the topic I feel the same way. Not so much for who has the best chocolate, but to the nines when it's "Here is how I write things."
Posted by vineyarddawg (Member # 13007) on :
Actually, I was referring to the chapters that he's been releasing. That is, all of these little e-mail snippets are nice, but I'm eagerly awaiting Visitors, so I feel a little thrill every time I get a "sneak peek."

(Well, I like all the e-mails except the food-related ones. Those just make me hungry.)

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