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Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
My novel's on!!!!! I've already heard from quite a few people that they've ordered it, sometimes up to 3 or 4 copies! Yikes!! What a kick!!!! Hopefully there will be lots more orders from folks who don't know my writing soon - but wow! It's on Amazon for pre-order! YAAAAY!

Doing the happy dance here . . .



Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
What's the title again?
Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
It's the topic title, Robert.

Congratulations, Lynda. May you sell many copies and may that lead to publication of more books.

Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
Congratulations, Lynda!!!
Posted by tnwilz (Member # 4080) on :
According to Simon Cowell I'm not supposed to be pleased for you since I'm British. However, I am pleased for you. Well done. Please continue to be our friend.


Posted by Igwiz (Member # 6867) on :
That's awesome, Lynda. Congratulations.
Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
Thanks, guys!! And Robert, yeah, it's the thread title: "Star Sons - Dawn of the Two." LOL, I actually have some British folks who are excited about it (and ordering it), too! Too cool!!!


Posted by wrenbird (Member # 3245) on :
The cover looks really awesome. And the story sounds great. That's so exciting.

Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
That's what I get for not paying close attention...though the type of the topic title on the page is kinda tiny...
Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
The cover art is by Elin Pendleton ( who's rather a famous painter and has done I think two books for the Walter Foster "art how-to" books as well as an instructional DVD series. The cover art will be offered at prints at some point, so I've heard. And I get to hang the original on the wall of my office!
Posted by Sara Genge (Member # 3468) on :
Good job!

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