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Posted by monstewer (Member # 5883) on :
Just got word from Jodi Lee that my short horror/dark fantasy story, "Whispers In The Wind" has been accepted for inclusion in the Dead Bells anthology. I really wanted to be in this book so today is a happy day.

Thanks to C L Lynn, Merlion, Jon Ruyle, Nick T, genevive42 and Tiergan for the crits on this one.

I've also been accepted as one of the authors for the 2010 Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror anthology from Sonar 4 Publications. That one should be out in October hopefully.


Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Posted by snapper (Member # 7299) on :
Geez, another sale? We are going to have to change the name of this forum to Monstrewers (and other hatrack writers) - Publications and Reviews.

Congrats to you, you lucky slob.

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Posted by monstewer (Member # 5883) on :
Thanks Though you'll be glad to know I won't be around this thread for a while snapper, I've only one story left now and judging from the crits on it, it'll be a while before that one sells...
Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
What!!!! Get busy writing, monstewer!


Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
Posted by Tiergan (Member # 7852) on :

Posted by ScardeyDog (Member # 8707) on :
Congratulations! Write some more, you're stuff is excellent.
Posted by Igwiz (Member # 6867) on :
Congrats, Monstewer. I think I agree with the rest of them... write more!! :-)
Posted by honu (Member # 8277) on :
Posted by Merlion-Emrys (Member # 7912) on :
Ohh he will, don't worry. Its his way.

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