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Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
The official publication date is the 21st, but I got it up on Smashwords early to give it time to run through the premium catalog and maybe even get distributed. [Smile]

Here's the link:

Anybody who wants to take a look and maybe post a review on Smashwords, Amazon (after the 21st), or Goodreads (also after the 21st), here's a coupon code to get it free: EJ88A
Posted by rcmann (Member # 9757) on :
Just scored a copy. Review will be up ASAP.
Posted by History (Member # 9213) on :
Mazel tov!
Posted by KellyTharp (Member # 9997) on :
I just picked up a copy too. Thanks for the coupon. I just made my sci fi book one "The Protectorit" free on Smashwords. Sold quite a few in the first 2 yrs, but ran out of friends. So, Mark Coker's book on E-publishing (free, get it) recommends trying making one book free, and if its a series, charging for the second. So, I dropped the Protectorit to free and made its sequel "For the Honor of Black Roses" at $2.00. Suddenly I'm getting hits every day and just sold my 5th Black Roses in less than 2 weeks. Not making a fortune but I guess free works. My stats page went off the chart. I also received my first five-star review from someone I DON'T know! I like to go to the home page at Smashwords and hit the filters to see where my books come up in the pages. When I use "sci fi-highest rated-free-epic" and it's the second book on the first page. If I hit "any length" it's about 12th. Nice to be right out there in the front (well, if one clicks on the right filters). Of course that means I need to get busy and finish book 3. Hope yours does well. I'll read it and give ya a review. KT
Posted by MAP (Member # 8631) on :
Posted by andersonmcdonald (Member # 8641) on :
Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Originally posted by KellyTharp:
I just picked up a copy too. Thanks for the coupon. Hope yours does well. I'll read it and give ya a review. KT

Thanks for the Smashwords review. Would you mind very much copying it to Amazon and/or Goodreads?

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