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Posted by rstegman (Member # 3233) on :
12-10-07 Did You write?

This is an attempt to embarrass myself, and the rest of you in the process, into writing regularly. The idea is to get you to report on what you accomplished each week, If you have to report nothing was done, then you are to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and resolve yourself to correct your sinful ways and write during the next week.
It really does not work for me, but it is fun to try anyway. What I call WRITING, is anything new, editing any work, even if it is not yours, poetry, articles, and even kibitzing by E-mail with another on one another's work.

As for me, I cam come up with several dozen excuses. I am very inventive. I can explain away anything. I will just say that I never had the chance to open my story this week.
The time I was going to work on my story, I instead wrote an extra story idea that was hot at the time, and a almost completed poem for a poetry challenge. The end result was no work on my story, or any of the dozen other ideas I have laying around.

My story ideas are going along good. the concept that killed my writing time where I saw on a tube of medical cream that said that it should not be used longer than a week. I wondered what would happen if you did. I then decided that it caused a person to become a monster. The results ended up being more setup than idea. That happens. They are fun to write.

One of the projects I am working on, is to take some wooden plates I made using yellow pine, which I chose for the ring structure that looks good in the plates, and sanded them to a better quality than they were. I have since found my sanding was not spectacular even there. Anyway, I painted a tree on four plates while my mom was doing a yard sale (tag sale up North). I intended to paint Christmas trees on them. I showed the tree itself to Mom, who teaches painting for a living, and She said that if I leave it as a tree, they will be set out all year long. If they are a Christmas tree, they will only be out for the holidays. I left them as trees.
A woman came by saw them and begged to buy them. I sold them as is, and she ended up buying two of them. I was stunned as I actually gave her the price I was planning to sell them when done. she was happy with my plates, and I was happy with her money. Because of this, I spent all Sunday sanding a bunch of other plates I had that needed refinishing. my sanding is still not spectacular but they are better than they were. They will also have trees painted on them. who knows, they might also go quickly.... a few will be gifts. The key to anything you make, is to find a market for it, or find a way to make it fit a market. A wooden plate is nice, but a plate with a tree on it is a bit more unusual.

For a story, one could have a man on a space station who takes scrap minerals and machines them into interesting shapes. These are used either for optical devices but the flaws in them make them worthless for what they are intended for, so they are generally used in cutting bits. They are cheep so he buys the ones with interesting flaws and makes jewelry out of them. They sell, but not well. One day, he cuts into a few of them a simple design that goes with the flaw. a stranger sees the results and begs to buy them even though they are not yet finished. Off they go. He starts making them and finds they are really popular. The flaw gives the jewelry interest, and the designs put into them are never the same, so they are highly unusual. He becomes a big name in jewelry, making his artistic pieces. Other jewelers try to copy what he is doing and pretty soon the flawed stones are worth as much as the perfect stones. What he lacks in production, he makes up for in originality.

As to the question of the day, I can say NO, I did not write.

Did you write?

Posted by JeanneT (Member # 5709) on :

Edit: I'm actually working on a short story--unusual for me as some of you know. I have an overall story arc in mind but who knows if it will end up there. I'm just kind of writing from the woman's PoV and seeing what happens.

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Posted by InarticulateBabbler (Member # 4849) on :
Yes, and I'm not done. I've got to kick this thing in the @$$ if it's going to be ready for WOTF! 8000 + and no sign of slowing, yet.
Posted by JamieFord (Member # 3112) on :
Posted by annepin (Member # 5952) on :
No, sadly. I feel like I've lost steam. In the meantime, I've been reading a lot, which is always nice.
Posted by debhoag (Member # 5493) on :
sometimes everything just stops for me, annepin. Usually, that means there's lots of stuff percolating away, getting ready to burst out. Watch, in a couple of weeks, you'll be blowing us all away with your cool ideas!
Posted by SilentOne (Member # 4814) on :
I did write. About three paragraphs. But I spent more time on research.
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I managed. I wrote two hundred and fifty words a day, except Friday and Sunday which were hellishly busy once I got home...then ratcheted up my production back up to five hundred words on Monday, yesterday. All on the same story I jumpstarted my work with back on the first.

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