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Posted by Christine (Member # 1646) on :

Isn't that a nice number? I just hit the word count on my WIP and realized that I hit the 50,000 mark 29 words ago. I almost missed it! It's just one of those milestone moments.

Posted by smncameron (Member # 7392) on :
It's am excellent occasion to make a back-up, If you haven't already done so.
Posted by Lynda (Member # 3574) on :
Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it?
Posted by JamieFord (Member # 3112) on :
That's a lovely number. Nicely done.
Posted by rcorporon (Member # 2879) on :
To be honest, my output on my novel has dropped severely since hitting 50k words. It seems to me that I thought I was much further along than I thought... I had initially thought I'd get my novel to around 90k words or so, but it's looking like it'll be over 100k, which I find daunting.

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