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Posted by mikemunsil (Member # 2109) on :
Here is a link to a Wikipedia page for stock characters in fiction. Thought it might be useful or stir up some ideas:

Stock Characters


Posted by Merlion-Emrys (Member # 7912) on :
I do a lot of taking the "wise old man" and/or the "archmage" archtypes and...turning them in unusual directions.
Posted by Bent Tree (Member # 7777) on :
Little Johnny and the Jungle girl
Posted by debhoag (Member # 5493) on :
hey, Mike! How about stock middle-aged gals who write when their kids are asleep?
Posted by mikemunsil (Member # 2109) on :
...but secretly are heroines wearing like really, really scanty leather bikinis?

I'm definitely in favor of them.

Posted by debhoag (Member # 5493) on :
yeah, it's just the bulky sweaters that throw everybody off. And the bunny slippers. Yeah, it's the bunny slippers . . .

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