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Posted by honu (Member # 8277) on :
OK....toughie for me.....My latest story has a male and female sleeping together...I want to make it known I wish to write that into story ...without writing graphically...or r honor the post rules I was wondering if anyone could provide me a link of past posts on this subject? I know it must have come around some time...It's integral to my story that they have this relationship...also I have two pages around this scene if anyone would volunteer to give me crits on them....what to spice up what to tone would be appreciated thanks
Posted by annepin (Member # 5952) on :
lol. i'll crit for you. i'm always curious about tough to write sections, and i've got some r-rated stuff in my own stories i'm trying to make work.
Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
Just as you have done, honu, you say what's in the story that might go against forum rules, and you ask for volunteers to read and give feedback. You don't post the questionable stuff, though.
Posted by kings_falcon (Member # 3261) on :
You can send it to me too.

Since I write erotica as well as G versions of the same types of action for the Fanasty stuff, I'm pretty hard to shock or offend with adult themes.


Posted by Fox (Member # 3871) on :
A bit of advice: often, what you don't say can be more poignant that what you do say. Write a sex-scene, but don't focus on the sex at all. See what you can do with a bit of indirect narrative.

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