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Posted by Brad R Torgersen (Member # 8211) on :
Has anyone else been unable to find copies of the WOTF anthology at the Big Brick stores? I've wasted numerous hours browsing several of the Big Bricks in Northern Utah, and only found one copy: volume XX. That was it.

I guess I'll have to go hit Amazon?

If WOTF isn't being stocked at the Big Bricks, does this bode ill for the contest??

Posted by philocinemas (Member # 8108) on :
Interesting, I spent a couple of hours over the last week at several of those Megabook stores looking for that exact anthology. Not there. I did find a very good one edited by OSC, but I already had several of the stories and didn't buy it.
Posted by EP Kaplan (Member # 5688) on :
My nearest B&N has it with the SF bargain books. Didn't check Borders, or the other two B&Ns nearby. (Yeah, Monmouth County!)

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Posted by ChrisOwens (Member # 1955) on :
For some undisclosed reason, WOTF 24 is slated to be released in January.

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Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
Some facts, numbers, and practical publishing business standards of interest related to the W&IOTF contests and anthologies.

· W&IOTF is managed by Author Services, Inc., a literary agency, a wholely owned subsidiary of the Church of Spiritual Technology (aka Scientology).
· In the main, Author Services, Inc., also doing business as Galaxy Press, represents L. Ron Hubbard's fiction.
· Bridge Publications, also wholely owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology, publishes Mr. Hubbard's nonfiction.
· Galaxy Press recently roled out a new publishing line, The Golden Age of Science Fiction, again, in the main, Mr. Hubbard's fiction.

Moving the rollout date of the annual W&IOTF anthology appears to be a practical business decision. One, a postponement so that the annual anthology rollout didn't coincide with the Golden Age rollout; two, a timely decision to move it to a publishing season that doesn't coincide with the end of year awards ceremony and other events that demand Author Services attention in mid summer.

· 50,000 to 60,000 copies of the anthology are printed annually.
· The anthology enjoys a full-year selling season, compared with, at best, a three-month season for the general novel marketplace.
· The anthology enjoys a nearly 100% sellthrough of print run annually, compared with a 60% marketplace average.

Publishing business industry standards (these are planning numbers, actual anthology sales figures may vary slightly).
· [A] 20% direct sales at 100% of cover price.
· [B] 20% distributed sales at 80% of cover price (online and indirect wholesale sales outlets).
· [C] 60% distributed sales at 60% of cover price (wholesale distributor discount to brick and mortar retail sales outlets).

A breakdown of sales at a (conservative?) 50,000 annual sales of the WOTF anthology at $7.95 cover price accounting for wholsale distribution discounts.
· [A] .2 x 50,000 = 10,000 x $7.95 = $79,500
· [B] .2 x 50,000 = 10,000 x .8($7.95) = $63,600
· [C] .6 x 50,000 = 30,000 x .6($7.95) = $143,100
· Total revenue = $286,200, 10% gross profit = $34,344
· Large print runs in the 50,000 copy range enjoy 12% gross profits, compared with 10% or less for print runs in the 1,000 to 5,000 copy range.

A mass market trade paperback print run of 50,000 costs roughly $1.00 for each book. Warehousing, transportation, postage and handling, etc., advertising, fixed business costs, overhead, staff, etc., comprise roughly 70% of other publisher costs. Add in a 10% profit markup and 10% for royalties and an asking cover price is known.

From a writer's perspective: Assuming a standard 10% royalty on $286,200 gross publisher revenues for contributing authors, royalties would be $28,620. As it is, the anthology pays each contributing author $500. Assuming the minimum possible number of 12 annual winners, the royalty payment if distributed equally would be $2,385 in standard publishing practices. However, the awarded contest amounts per winner could reasonably be considered part of the "royalties." And other anthologies rarely pay royalties anyway. Plus, other content from illustrators and noncontest contributors taking up roughly half of each volume also earns contribution "royalty" payments.

Posted by steffenwolf (Member # 8250) on :
You can buy it directly through Galaxy Press, though that would cost shipping. My wife bought me a birthday present in early December, one of Galaxy Press's 7-book deals which gives you 7 volumes of WotF (including 24) for 39.95 and free shipping. I had it by about December 10th. And one of the volumes was even autographed by a bunch of the writers and illustrators that were in the anthology which was a nice surprise.


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