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Posted by rstegman (Member # 3233) on :
Did You Write? Jan 11, 2009

This note is written as a prompt for slackers like myself, who would not otherwise write unless a hard prod was available. Standing up in front of the crowd, and admitting one's failures, does help get one to do something, even if it is just a little.
The plan is that you will know these notes are coming each week, and you will write something, anything, so you can report that you actually wrote this week.

What is writing, is anything you want to be writing. Each week, I give a list of what can be writing, if you want it to be. I am running late today so I won't list them this time. If you have any question if it is writing, The answer is yes. I have yet to hear someone say "that was not writing," to anything posted.

I must stand before the crowd with my head hung low and announce that NO, I DID NOT WRITE this week. I looked at my story directory, sorting by date and never opened any of my pieces. I am even behind on my story ideas to this point of the month.
I can give lots of excuses, including the cold, and helping my mother with her new computer, dealing with her old equipment, taking care of other projects around the house. They are, when you get down to it, just excuses. I should have written.
I did open my story today and was going to write, but a quick check on line showed that my writing partner had posted a longer piece on line. I ended up spending my evening reading, rather than writing.

I had not taken the time to get caught up in my story ideas either. Looking at the time I am writing this, I doubt I will get tonight's story idea written to be posted on time, so I will end up two story ideas behind. I know from last July, It is fairly easy to get caught up if I put my mind to it, so I am not worried.

I now have four computers set up in my place and they won't talk to them. I know just enough about networking to know I am missing one simple bit of information to get them to work. I also played around with my mom's Window's seven computer and have decided I do love XP. Other than some of the newest programs not working with them, I also like win98.
Her computer's chip is the same speed as my hot computer, but the rest of the board is much faster. I love how fast her computer boots up.

We had a real cold spell across the country. Here in South Florida, we have gotten near freezing temps on the coast, and actual freezing temps inland. The worst part is that it has been all week. We are not used to that. A couple days is one thing, but a whole week? It was too cold to do woodworking this weekend, since I work outside.

To use the above as a story, The place was tropical, nice, never any bad weather, Tourism was the real industry. It was also the only place that was truly tropical. Any place else got bad weather periodically.
A series of accidents and situations added up to where the climate changed. space dust filtering in front of the sun, newly found chemicals filling the atmosphere, natural swings of solar energy and planetary position. The planetary climate changed. An ice age started.
The equator became hotter, and the moisture that normally fell on the equator, lifted higher and was carried to fall on the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn of the planet. change of the circulation caused the heavy snow falls on the polar areas. Glaciers started growing and fast. The arctic would not thaw because of all the snow.
Crops started failing and people started moving to better places that might support their crops.
The tropical place did not change much, it was in just the right place where only the wind direction of the weather it got had changed.
People started trying to come to the tropical area as it was the only place still habitable, but it was hard to get to before and that did not change. They had an excuse now to keep the place isolated. that was the only way they could survive.

As to the question of the week
I sadly have to say,



Posted by aspirit (Member # 7974) on :
Yes, but little for my novel.
Posted by BenM (Member # 8329) on :
I wrote a couple thousand words of a new story and then had to shelve it to focus on my WotF project. Looking forward to getting back into it later in the week, it's a silly, cute story, but a good chance to exercise the creative brain after so much critical work.

Outside of writing, the week has been interesting - the one-year-old was taken off in an ambulance and hospitalised briefly due to pulling a bowl of hot soup down onto his head (he currently is bandaged like a cross between a mummy and a rugby player). He currently looks rather pathetic (in the pathos/emotion-evocative sense) but is resiliently playing along like nothing's wrong. There's a lot to learn from kids.

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Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
More on my WotF project. Don't have an exact word count but I made good progress. I also figured out that I'm going to need to simplify the story so I don't end up with a full blown novella. But that's okay because I think the rework is better.
Posted by Kitti (Member # 7277) on :
I moved.

I also wrote a blog entry on having a car accident during the move (don't worry, only the deer was harmed).

Other than that, nope.

Posted by Merlion-Emrys (Member # 7912) on :
I did lots of submitting and not a huge amount of writing. I corrected errors in some manuscripts and did do some re-working and tweaking on several stories. Also brainstormed a bit for my new short story which I plan to start tonight.


Posted by Tricia V (Member # 6324) on :
On Tuesday I finished the last chapter of my WIP. However, the 3 preceding chapters have yet to be drafted. But tomorrow is also tuesday...
Posted by JenniferHicks (Member # 8201) on :
I wrote about 1,500 words (wish it had been more) and sent off a couple of stories on submission.
Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
I did. Mostly revisions. A little new work on SEVEN STARS. And I got two pages into a possible new short story.
Posted by dougsguitar on :
I did write! I found the two words I'd been looking for all this time; The End! It was great.
Posted by Owasm (Member # 8501) on :
I finished a possible WotF story. I wrote probably five or six thousand words plus added to the worldbuilding file for the story. Not sold on its merits.

I've got three shorts in process (including the one above) and I decided I needed to knock them off one at a time rather than piddling along with the three of them together.

Wrote a flash.

Did nothing on my Panix novel. Got some health problems as a lame excuse to be distracted.

I've got to kick myself in the behind and ramp it up.

Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I got the second draft of my current thing rolling---five hundred words a day except Friday and Monday. All rewriting, of course, though I've interpolated some new material within it.
Posted by arriki (Member # 3079) on :
Wrote on my wOTF but it's a first draft which means it's limping.
Posted by ScardeyDog (Member # 8707) on :
Crits for the ongoing short story competition, a few revisions to my short.

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