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Posted by Brad R Torgersen (Member # 8211) on :
As with last year, this year’s Writers of the Future awards ceremony is going to be webcast live from the Writers of the Future web site.

Tune in Sunday night, May 15, 2011 at 6 PM Pacific time to watch the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest celebrate it’s 27th year. All of the 12 writer winners and all of the 12 illustrator winners from the vol. XXVII book will be accepting their awards, live from the ballroom of the famed Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Present will be a who’s who of Contest judges from across the United States and around the world, including Dave Wolverton, Kevin J. Anderson, Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Resnick, Eric Flint, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jerry Pournelle, Gregory Benford, Yoji Kondo, Rebecca Moesta, Tim Powers, K.D. Wentworth, Vincent Di Fate, Cliff Nielson, Stephen Hickman, Val Lakey Lindahn, and Ron Lindahn.

This is science fiction and fantasy’s premiere coming out party for some the latest, hottest talent in both writing and illustration. Every year the Contest showcases the top rising names in the field, many of whom go on to be some of the top professionals in the field -- including returning as judges for the event.

If you've ever wondered what he high-point of the Contest is all about, then you've got an open invitation to watch. It really is a fantastic splash, after a fantastic week of workshopping and being introduced to the professional world.

Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
I gotta watch, at least parts of it. I want to see genevive42 in a dress for the first time in years.

Actually, there's a lot to see but it would be nice to see what at least one person from here looks like. But maybe two, including you Brad?

Not to mention some of my favorite writers, even though it looks like Dean's not going to be there after all.


Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
Since I'll just be in the audience, I might be able to avoid the cameras all together. That, or I'll be the center of attention when I fall flat on my ass because of the heels I'm daring to wear.
Posted by Foste (Member # 8892) on :
6PM Pacific time is somewhere around midnight for me, right?
Posted by axeminister (Member # 8991) on :
Our Ben Mann will be there.

I think he's our only winner this year.

We've got no one yet for next year, so we've got to amp it up and get some rep.

We should develop a call sign so when one of us gets up on stage we can sneak in a shout out to our homies without having to come out and say it.


Posted by BenM (Member # 8329) on :
Darn Brad, you beat me to it. I'd like to encourage everyone to watch as well, and not just because we have two Hatrack winners this year (Patrick O'Sullivan - posulliv - is a first prize winner! Go Patrick!).

I wanted to pop on here this morning to encourage you guys to check it out - whether you see this post and get to watch tonight, or even if you see it later and come back to the website and have a look at the recorded address and acceptances. Because to me, it's a working proof that contributing to and thinking about what's said here on this forum works.

So stick with it guys, don't give up and if WotF is one of your goals I hope to be cheering each next year one of you is up here.

Posted by snapper (Member # 7299) on :
Hey Ben,

Any chance you could donate a signed copy for this years challenge? Perhaps you could leave it with a trusted hatrack member so it doesn't need to be sent from down under.


Posted by redux (Member # 9277) on :

PDT (Pacific Daylight-Savings Time) is GMT -7.

I believe you are GMT +2 so it's a 9 hour difference for you.


Posted by Foste (Member # 8892) on :
Thanks redux!
Posted by skadder (Member # 6757) on :
Good luck guys! It would be great to have a copy for the challenge this year. Perhaps Ben or Patrick (or Brad!) could get one that has been signed by everyone (Judges too!). I'm fairly sure copies and signatures are cheap as chips on the award night...
Posted by snapper (Member # 7299) on :
Bummer!!! My internet connection sucks. I wasn't able to establish connection to watch it.

Who won the Gold award? Was it Patrick????

Posted by Dark Warrior (Member # 8822) on :
Negative, Richard Johnson. Loved the shout out to Hatrack though.
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :

Rats, feel cussing out my memory...totally spaced on it. Only saw the last half an hour and only because I came online to say that I finished the first revision for my Bright Lights novel.

Who did the shout out to hatrack???

Saw only one writer I know. Kevin Anderson. The lady with him, I didn't recognize at all. I did see Joni and KDW. So I know what the sister looks like.

But for some reason I was thinking they might have the ceremony after dinner like other groups I've seen. So you could see more of the audience. Oh well.

So the next volume is officially for sale. I voted on that cover even though I'm not sure if its the drawing I voted for. But I wonder if they will have the writing set like they have had before.


Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Oh yes, that lady with the long, strange red hair I referenced on another thread might be wife or at least a good friend of the Gold winner.

I keep forgetting to say, one of the reasons, not the only one by far, I want to get into a WotF anthology is that I would love to have one of my stories illustrated with one or two pics.

I believe one or two or three magazines do that for a couple of their stories.

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Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
It was really cool when Ben M gave a shout out to his first readers, mostly the Hatrack WotF crit group for that quarter and listed us all individually. His speech was great.

There were a number of really good speeches.

Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :

Looks like the ceremony wasn't like some I've seen on the News.

But he said all of our names??? That would have taken a while. Or just the names of the people who critted his story?

Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
just the ones who were first readers on his winning story. It was very cool meeting Ben. He's quite nice and fun to talk to.
Posted by Brendan (Member # 6044) on :
So when is the video coming out? I missed the live broadcast, but wouldn't mind seeing the replay.
Posted by BenM (Member # 8329) on :
Thanks so much to everyone who watched online and especially to the handful of Hatrackers who were able to make it out to the event - it was really special meeting genevive42, since prior to WotF almost every writer I "knew" was just a somewhat anonymous nametag on Hatrack.

I have put together a signed copy for a future Hatrack challenge and will liase with our contest organiser extraordinaire skadder to get something started in the next few weeks.

And if anyone reading this is still sitting on the fence as to whether they should enter, all I can say is get your entries in! Getting to spend a week making friends and working with Tim Powers, KD Wentworth, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Rob Sawyer, Mike Resnick, Eric Flint, Doug Beason, Yoji Kondo, Dave Wolverton and many other past winners may well blow your mind.

(and Brendan, the video will be up in a day or two, I think they've got to do some processing or something on it due to a mixup with the recording)

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Posted by axeminister (Member # 8991) on :
I am SO there.


I have to win first.


Posted by Dark Warrior (Member # 8822) on :

youtube of Awards Ceremony

Posted by BenM (Member # 8329) on :
Full Event.

Posted by Dark Warrior (Member # 8822) on :
And thanks for the mention Ben. I missed it on the live version. My browser froze for most of your speech. Just caught it again.

Sent me back to look at the original crit I did for you. Ouch, I think I was a little rougher than I remembered. But I do look forward to seeing the final version.

Again, Congratulations!

Posted by Brad R Torgersen (Member # 8211) on :
This year's winners totally slammed it home with the speeches! Well done Ben, and well done all!

Genevieve, were you the lovely woman who said I'd helped her with a comment here at Hatrack? I just want to be sure I have the right face with the right Hatrack handle.

Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Oh yes. How many hatrackers were there? I think I count three.

I hope next year it's on a Friday Saturday and back to San Diego or some place else that's a bit closer. And not in August again. The only way I will be able to get there in August is to win. And.....

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Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
Actually Brad, that wasn't me. I was with my boyfriend, the tall black man with the fedora. I was wearing a black beret-like hat myself.

I know, lots of faces. It was a good thing you came with a name tag. I thought the winners should have had tags to help us keep track.

Posted by posulliv (Member # 8147) on :
Genevieve, did I meet you? It was such a mad crush at the book signing. There were two Hatrackers there with me, Erik Peterson and Betsy Hammer, both classmates from Orson Scott Card's Bootcamp. We hadn't seen each other since the class, but we kept in touch through the forums and through a "virtual bootcamp" that Bret Carter (another Hatracker) and Erik run.

It was cool meeting BenM in person; I felt like I knew him from all his posts.

I don't remember what I said on stage. They _strongly_ suggested first place winners prepare two speeches, and they said don't fire all your ammunition in the first round, so I put most of my personal thank yous in the second one. I really wanted to thank the organization and the judges first, and my family and friends know I love them already, and even if I didn't get to thank them from the stage I'd have the opportunity to thank them one-on-one later. Like now.

Whenever I needed a lift and needed to be reminded that there were people outside the room I write in I'd log on to Hatrack and read the posts. It helped just knowing that there was a community of writers going through what I was going through, and that any time of day or night I could log on and get advice, or make a bad joke, or vent, or simply sit back and read and learn.

So thanks to all of you for regularly making my day a little better. Just because I don't post very often doesn't mean that I'm not reading, and benefiting, and feeling part of the community. I really do feel like I know many of you, and I hope I get to see you on stage next year, and I get to say thanks to you face-to-face.

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Posted by genevive42 (Member # 8714) on :
possiluv, you have the Spelling Bee story, right? Yes, we met. Or at least I have your autograph in my book. I'm sorry I didn't put things together and realize it was you, or I would have mentioned Hatrack. There were a lot of people to keep track of that night. I can't imagine the sea of faces that was swirling around you and everyone wanting their bit of time.

Congrats to all of the Hatrack winners!


Posted by snapper (Member # 7299) on :
Congrats, Pat.

We'd like to use you in our annual WotF trigger contest. Ben has already offered a book as a prize. Would you be willing to be one of our judges for the finalist round? I am expecting it would be 4 or 5 stories, approx length, 10000 words total, for you to look over. it wouldn't be until at least June when we need you. I just need one more judge and prefer it be you.

I would have emailed you in private for this but your address isn't available here on hatrack.


Posted by posulliv (Member # 8147) on :

I'll be happy and honored to do that. Sorry about the email address. I'll add it right now. Just let me know what you need.

Email address added.

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Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :
posulliv, I don't post very often either, but I had to let you know that what you said about Hatrack warms the cockles of my heart.

Thank you.

Posted by posulliv (Member # 8147) on :
Thanks, Kathleen. Hatrack is a big part of my life. It's the only writers community I check in with on a regular basis because it's so civilized and supportive. I think your moderation has a lot to do with that.

I've posted my experience at Writers of the Future on my blog (I think I've listed the link correctly in my profile). In my opinion every Hatracker should be submitting their best work to Writers of the Future. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me, and if you don't "pro out" before you win you're missing something really cool if you don't at least try to be a part of it.

Posted by Betsy Hammer (Member # 8139) on :
Brad, I was the hatracker who thanked you for your comments here. It was lovely to meet you.

A few years ago, he wrote a very encouraging post about what he called The Overthink. It was so freeing. Writing isn't open heart surgery. It's mowing the grass. Just go. Stop worrying.

Thanks again, Brad.

Posted by snapper (Member # 7299) on :
it is officially on.

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