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Posted by rstegman (Member # 3233) on :
Did you Write? July 11, 11.

To do my story ideas, I have to travel time, either go into the future or the past in many universes, to the time the event actually happened so I can write my reports, the story ideas, that people thing are just coming out of my head. Once in a while I come back at the wrong date or time, and write the DID YOU WRITE note based on the time I really was instead of the time the note was supposed to be written. That is why last week's date was wrong.

This note is to be an incentive for those who write rarely, to write often. One is asked to post here, whether you write or not, telling a little bit about what is going on in your life. One is also asked to report whether one wrote sometime during the week. Hopefully adding details too.
This note posts each week on a Monday. The hope is that you see this note coming, and realize you have not written, so you dig out some work and write a little or a lot, just so you might say "Yes, I did write!" While we love to see high word counts, any work on a piece, even it if ends up with no number change or even negative change, is acceptable.

What is writing is wide open. We all know that new writing is writing. Editing is also writing, even if it is the work of someone else. Critiquing is a form of editing so is also writing. Poetry, blogging, writing assignments, technical writing, writing assignments, world and character creation are all writing. E-mails can also be writing if it is wordy and pertains to story or writing.

On the story idea front, Including what I am posting tonight, I have 33 story ideas in my compost pile. I have not had many new ideas as of recently. I have dug deep into the compost pile, wiping off some rotten pieces and developing them just to get rid of them. A couple posts stank to high heaven when I posted them. There have been periods like this before so I am not worried.

I have not done well on my writing. Most of what I wrote this week was pulled into this piece from other version of this work. I will be doing that several times more as I have some choice scenes already written. A number of things ate into my time. One was that Last Sunday, I hurt my back and took naps when I got home. I also was getting prices and parts for my truck.
I am plotting out my story right now and kept getting caught editing stuff I already have rather than pushing the frontier of the story.
In all, I ended up with far less time to work than I ever expected, especially since I have some choice scenes I am working on. I am writing regularly, but not long enough to really make it count. I added two pages this week and it should have been six.
I Posted a story idea near the beginning of the month about a super hero. It kept tugging at me and I ended up getting up from a nap and blasting out two pages of descriptive action of the story. With the original story idea added, it ended up four pages. I like the concept of this crime fighter. I will never develop it farther, but had to get it written to this point.

My brother and I replaced the radiator of my truck. It is easy when you have the right tools and know how to handle the hoses and stuff. I also had to get a pair of good used tires as I had one bald tire starting to tear out. I just happened to have the money to pull off the repairs and parts. A few weeks before I would have been in a panic.

In a story idea, one could have a star ship that has seen better days. parts start failing and the owner has to scramble to gather money and get the parts. He wants to leave as soon as possible but things breaking down is keeping him in place. While the main reason he is having problems is the age of the ship and the lack of maintenance money put into it, there might be something else going on and he has to figure out what it is before he gets into space.

As to the question of the week,
I can honestly say



Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
All quiet. I spent a little time working on, of all things, a poem.

First part of a line appeared in my mind, then the whole line, then a couplet. (Is that the right word? Being self-taught in poetry (among other things) means my use of terms might be off. Two lines that rhyme.) Then a short list of rhymes. Now I've got to decide what comes next.

Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Yes I did. Rewrote part of the beginning of MAGE STORM to tighten things up and change (and add emphasis to) some early motivation.

Also, some crits and two blog posts

Posted by Wordcaster (Member # 9183) on :
Was on vacation, but have been writing a short story on my phone. Could be 2k words so far (not sure) and will end around the 3k mark.

Do I get extra credit?

PS -- I saw a WOTF display on Hollywood Blvd. Besides discovering a religion, L Ron Hubbard sure has written a lot. The man is prolific.

Posted by Natej11 (Member # 8547) on :
Sent out my final chapter for my fanfiction story, so that's a relief. Now I can turn my attention to a couple novels I'd like to finish up so I can start sending out queries for them. Already got 15k words written for the first.

So while the beginning of the week was fairly easygoing over the weekend YES, I surely did write.

Posted by Crank (Member # 7354) on :
This past week was mostly dedicated to preparing my WotF entry, but my YA series would not leave me alone, so I managed to type an average of just under 820 new words a day.

For more detailed updates...



Posted by axeminister (Member # 8991) on :
As per the NSG, I'm back in serial killer world. Which means I'm also back in 250 words a day max world. =(
Writing that novel is like running through quicksand.

Last three days 0

Two of the days were the fault of my son who had his shots last Friday and is having all kinds of fun reactions. Naturally they activate in the middle of the night, instead of say 2pm.

However, I did review a DSF story for Snapper, I have another to read, and I critted a few chapters of Genevive's novel, so my head remains in the game despite my low word count.


Posted by MattLeo (Member # 9331) on :
I'm actually putting writing on the back burner this week, since it's consumed more of my time than I have for it over the last several months. Now is a good time for me to do more critiquing, so if anyone has any novel read throughs needed, let me know. I can take one or two over the next month.

I completed a draft of The Quest for Norumbega about a month ago, I've been going through to fix grammar and story logic since, and with Dr. Bob's guidance have been examining it for potential religious insensitivity.

I have also gone to work on *The Wonderful Instrument* in the last week. I've trimmed the opening chapter which while entertaining largely established things that would become obvious to the reader anyway, then touched up the rest of the first book to compensate. I also restored a prologue scene with Nellie because it adds considerable comic depth to the opening half of the story. Volume 1 now stands at 96K words. Volume 2 (To Give Light) is a bit underweight at 65K words.

Posted by Osiris (Member # 9196) on :
I did, but it was to answer some questions in doc format for a journalist who is doing a three-part blog piece on social media and Egypt's revolution.

I somehow managed to inject a little SFF into my answers, LOL. I doubt that stuff will be mentioned in the journalist's article.

Today, after a week of outlining and researching (again) my WIP novel, I finally began rewriting the first six chapters I'd written last year, which I determined were unrecoverable at the writing level but solid in overall plot structure and pacing. So I'm happy to be reabsorbed in that project.

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Posted by pdblake (Member # 9218) on :
About 1000 words or so, but I'm starting to get rolling again.
Posted by Tiergan (Member # 7852) on :
Posted by History (Member # 9213) on :
Completed my WOTF Q4 first draft. Need to cut ~3000 words from it. Ugh!!

Dr. Bob

Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Oops, almost forgot to add a note here.

Yes I Wrote.

On my novels:
Some work on New Mage
Revised first chapter of "Storm Born"
sent out chapter five of Bright Lights
worked a bit of "Angel Kin" but not sure how to start the fourth chapter.
Started a New one--not sure of the tile.

Worked on a couple of short stories:
I'm having problems with one. I have the basic idea for the opening-- it involves cover pic of one of Dean Welsey Smith's short stories-- I have mentioned it before and on my blog. I am writing but I have no idea where the story is going which is very unusual for me. Ideas pop out as I write but I don't know if they good ideas or not. Sometimes I do that with scenes but not the whole thing. Yikes. Part of the problem is I'm having an inner debate on how long it is.
revised my WotF story,
Seemed like there was another one I worked on but can't think of it at the moment.

I wrote E-mails
posts for this here site.
crits for stories. Not sure how many since my last update a week or so ago. Two to four I believe.


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