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Posted by MDBHarlan (Member # 9557) on :
I am taking the learn by editing suggestion to heart. Is there anyone who has already posted for readers, who didn't get the response they were hoping to get? I will be glad to give it my best if you want to send it to me.
Posted by Merlion-Emrys (Member # 7912) on :
I have a work-in-progress that will need readers when it's finished.

I'd suggest going to Fragments and Feedback and just posting that you want to read those stories that interest you or that have few or no read-requests.

Posted by MDBHarlan (Member # 9557) on :
Thanks. I am doing that too. I just thought this way I could find people who haven't posted there for a while.
Posted by Merlion-Emrys (Member # 7912) on :
That WIP is finished, are you still looking to read?
Posted by MattLeo (Member # 9331) on :
Personally, I'd go through the "Fragments and Feedback for Books" then contact the authors who sound most interesting.

I've found you can learn by critiquing both excellent pieces and really horrible ones. They're both quite difficult to critique, but in different ways. Really good pieces make it challenging to find suggestions for improvement, but you can do it if you apply yourself. Really bad pieces make it hard to find a constructive place to start that's within the author's grasp. That hard work is a learning experience.

Wherever on the quality scale you look, the authors need critical readers willing to put in serious effort. And if it's not a quid-pro-quo, you'll have no shortage of takers. Heck, I'll take a serious critique any day. But since you've got your work cut out for you and there's no shortage of takers, do yourself a favor and select stories that interest you.

Posted by MDBHarlan (Member # 9557) on :
Sure send it on to me, Merlion-Emrys.
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :

If you want to do another book, it sounds like you might be a bit busy right now though.

I happened to have a finished book that needs another reviewer. I have three but one hasn't returned the first chapter in maybe three weeks and no word if they are busy or it needs a ton of work or if they didn't get it. Of course with that last one they probably don't know

It is on the F&F for books. "Storm Born" and it's down the list maybe halfway.

Posted by MDBHarlan (Member # 9557) on :
LDWriter2 I already read your first chapter of Stormborn. I am happy to read more if you are ready.

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