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Posted by Foste (Member # 8892) on :
Ever had one of those nights when your cat pees on the carpet, you run out of fizzy drinks (or coffee), your smokes taste like a plumber's handkerchief while you agonize over comma splices and why your protagonist is such an irredeemable idiot?

Oh, never mind that. Your laptop also decided to flip you off by showing the blue screen of death, just after you peeked in your inbox and saw that ever so dreaded form rejection.

We've all been there. Or maybe not. Probably not. Only my cat knows how to pee every time I am writing.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah. Music.

Music can greatly raise one's spirit. I simply can't write without some Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or sweet, sweet Black Sabbath. Or Nickelback!

*dodges tomato chucked by a Canadian from the audience*

Ahem. Apparently they are overplayed just a bit in Canada.

I think we all got that one special song that buoys us up (mmmmm... buoy soup...) when we're are down.

You are encouraged to post youtube links to your "writer" songs; whether they have some special meaning to you or the lyrics just make you smile.

Here's mine:

Just change clubs to publishers, moviestars to bestsellers, rockstars to writers, sing those songs to write those books" and singers to ghost writers and you're all set! [Wink]
Posted by redux (Member # 9277) on :
We really need to do something about your love for Nickelback ...

I simply can't write without some Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or sweet, sweet Black Sabbath. Or Nickelback!
Really - it's like this:

Oh yeah - my soundtrack inspiration [Smile] -
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
I usually listen to my usual music while writing but for a while I listen to a CD called Green Man--Irish type.

I go for Petra, DeGarmo and Key, Kutless, Newer NEWSBOYS, and a little Red and others when I'm in a Rock mood.

Sometimes Carman, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me and others when I'm in a more mellow mood.

But here's one some of you might find motivational. I have already placed in another thread a few months ago but there are quite a few new people here now. It's over at Rusch's Blog Wlecome Home
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I often don't hear the music playing in the background when I'm writing in the foreground, but I like to have it on nonetheless.

I'm listening right now. My iPod is plugged into the TV-slash-stereo in the other room---playing things on my computer, I've found, eats up the available space and messes up the word processing programs---I picked out a set of songs by the Temptations (about fifty) and am listening to that.
Posted by Rhaythe (Member # 7857) on :
@LDWriter2 - Throw some Skillet into that mix.
Posted by pdblake (Member # 9218) on :
I prefer peace and quiet, unfortunately I have children [Big Grin]
Posted by C@R3Y (Member # 9669) on :
Disturbed, Korn, Marilyn Manson! All the way with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Papa Roach for certain stories. And then we've got some Classic Rock radio on Pandora over here. Possibly some Billy Joel or MJ, and I love some Bruno Mars. Gotta have my Pop! Strange collection, I know, but I try to stick with one type of music through different stories I write. It always is very awesome to picture my stories as music videos to some of these songs in my head.

Sometimes, my friend and I make small trailers out of my books or stories. Well, he makes them, and he's really good at what he does. But those little things is what gets my writer blood pumping. Oh, and I like some Black Eyed Peas, speaking of Pumping. Oh, and some Alice Cooper. How'd I forget about my brawh Alice Cooper?

Heh heh
Posted by Ken S (Member # 9010) on :
It really, really varies for me. Sometimes I need to listen to somethign like Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, etc. Sometimes, I tend to get caught up in the songs and lose focus. Thats when I turn to the Lyricless stuff like Epica's "The Score" or the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. I've also run across something similar in Radio Rivendell Radio Rivendell

Other times, I open the window and listen to the frogs in the pond (difficult to do in the winter...they're really not at their best then).
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :

I have one of their songs on my iTunes list, "Rest". I should look over their songs on iTunes, most of their stuff I hear on the radio is a bit too much screaming for my tastes but I like "Rest".

And I forgot Lincoln Brewster last night and certain songs on Natalie Grant's Restless CD.

But I have a wide range of music I like. Mandisa, Mary Mary, Out of Eden, Point Of Grace, Leaon Patillo, Reba Rammo, Daniel Amos, to name just a few others.

And at Christmas I concentrate on Mannheim Steamroller even though I listen to other stuff also.

But as one person said already I also don't really hear what is being sung while I am writing. I still like music though and I can listen when I pause to think or just take a deep breath.

Oh and I forgot on "Welcome Home" song I linked. You are suppose to see how many writers and books you can figure out by the references in the song.

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