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Posted by RoxyL (Member # 9096) on :
Here's another interesting article on self-publishing success, this time in the WSJ.
I thought Hugh Howey's encounter with the big publishing houses was interesting in light of what Unwritten posted about contracts.

Sci-Fi's Underground Hit
Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
Hugh Howey hit the marketing quint-fecta on all five corners and in consequence demonstrated how a quality product sells itself. Effective marketing's four corners: package, advertise, promote, and publicize. But all they do is give notice of product availability. The one that matters in the end is word-of-mouth buzz about a must-have quality product. And not coincidentally, Howey demonstrated that all contract terms are negotiable when a product has arms and legs on it.

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Posted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury (Member # 59) on :

I've posted a link to this article in the Boilerplate topic as well.

Thanks for posting it here, RoxyL.
Posted by History (Member # 9213) on :
Amazing story.

However, despite all the "perfect storm" of marketing and timing and self-promotion, I'm reminded that at the center is a well-told story that resonates with a broad readership primed to receive it.

Mazel tov to Mr. Howey.

Dr. Bob
Posted by Wordcaster (Member # 9183) on :
The WOOL omnibus is the best thing I read last year. Howey is compelling to listen to in interviews as well.

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