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Posted by Heresy (Member # 1629) on :
It's that time of the week again, time for the kick in the pants. The idea is that having somewhere to report progress will spur you on to make some. So I'm posing the question to all of us here. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

After busting my butt and brain for three weeks on my Camp NaNo project, I haven't done any real drafting this past week. I have however made a bunch of notes for both my next book (the final in this trilogy) and my next trilogy. I organized those notes for the next trilogy so that, when I finish the next book, I can turn around and start outlining the first book of that next project.

A lot of things are going on in the background in preparation for the next book I'm publishing. Also, I did a crit of a partial MS for one friend and I'm working on one for another friend.

Rounding this out, I had ideas for a couple more stories.

That's it for me. How about you? Did you write?

Posted by Meredith (Member # 8368) on :
Yes, I wrote. Mostly on a golden oldie I pulled out to rewrite. Anyone here remember THE SHAMAN'S CURSE?

Also a full ms. crit and two blog posts.
Posted by arriki (Member # 3079) on :
I am about to write "the end" (cheers arise from all sides!!!) on my current project titled ineptly - Evolution For Immortals.

It's another rewrite from some 15 different attempts over twenty years or so. But it does have life. It refuses to shrink into the forgotten files bin.
Posted by KellyTharp (Member # 9997) on :
It's monday, the start of a two week at-home vacation to write. On chapter 15 of book three and should finish this chapter today. Still writing out all the scenes left (in my head)so I can have a road map to the end and also decide which scenes are integral to the story line and which are just my personal day dreaming. Hope to get at least 4-5 chapters done . . . may be a pipe dream, but don't know till I try. Wish me luck.
Posted by Robert Nowall (Member # 2764) on :
I spent some time over the weekend doing a little more writing on my novel, pasting and cutting, adding a brief intro to where I decided to start, then divvying it up into chapters. That shrunk my novel from fifty thousand to twenty five thousand words. Also I need to fashion some kind of outline for the rest of the story, as well as building up some of the chapters. So it was a relatively productive week, and, besides, I plan to resume straightforward work on it sometime soon.
Posted by LDWriter2 (Member # 9148) on :
Yep, I did.

Revised a story or two. Working on a Western Fantasy at work--almost finished. Critted a story.

Wrote on posts here and the WotF forum, and Google+. Plus one of two posts Here .

Not to mention odd E-mail or three.
Posted by mayflower988 (Member # 9858) on :
Yep, I've managed to write every day this past week. I finished my Camp NaNo novel, and it's currently at 58,773 words. I'm dreading the editing stage. That's probably why I've been procrastinating on it. From the little bit of editing that I've done, I've discovered that I hate the editing process. It's not nearly as much fun as the actual writing of the first draft, that marvelous time when you get to create something new. But this sucker needs all the editing it can get. I think it's more appropriate to call it a "rough" draft than a "first" draft. It's a very rough draft. I'm hoping to at least get it readable before I have to go back to school for the fall semester. Once it's readable, I'll post the first 13 and/or a synopsis over on the "Feedback for Books" forum - I'll need all the help I can get. :)
Posted by kmsf (Member # 9905) on :
Yes! I finished a first draft, revised quite a bit, of scene 1. First drafts of later scenes complete. I plan to write every day to keep up momentum.
Posted by Owasm (Member # 8501) on :
Wrote a bit on three short stories... about 4,000 words. Twice what I wrote last week. Nothing on my novel rewrites. Too many house guests.
Posted by extrinsic (Member # 8019) on :
Does editing count as writing? I think so. One monumental editing project done. Though it will have more to go once the writer realizes what the publisher wants. A reputable firm that requires ready-to-print manuscripts from acquired and screened contributors with independent editing hired by the writer, no in-house editing whatsoever and very little design input. Harumph. Four hundred pages, many, many minor nondiscretionary adjustments, mostly comma inconsistency.

Half done with the next production step on another book. Preparing galley proofs for guest editors and contributors' review. Two hundred pages, a hundred illustrations, a few color.

And progress on another book's packaging for mail. I did its layout and design and graphics design too, and assisted with editing.

Plus editing numerous smaller manuscripts, mostly non-fiction, this week.

My summers are usually slow and leisurely. Not this summer.

My own projects are on hiatus this week, except for mental composition, but things open up soon, maybe next week.

Beginning an application for a generous arts fellowship grant due in November. That's writing too.

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